Find out how RockAgent connected +30 real estate agents and never miss a call again

RockAgent is a hybrid real estate agency, which combines the experience of a traditional real estate agency with the flexibility and dynamism of an online one.

The RockAgent revolution lies in having intertwined marketing techniques and digital tools with the traditional structure of the real estate agencyRockAgent created a new way of selling and buying properties, unprecedented in Italy. Now RockAgent has a lean and fast structure, unbeatable prices and one of the highest standards in this sector.


Real estate agents connected to a single switchboard


Numbers with custom prefixes


Missed calls every month

Towards Voxloud

Since 2018, RockAgent founder Daniel Debash knew that to revolutionize the real estate market, his startup needed a flexible and responsive mobile partner. It was just what RockAgent’s growth needed.

Taking a traditional telephone switchboard into consideration was not in the plans

Daniel inquired long before making a decision, and the conclusion was always the same.

Traditional switchboards do not offer the functions and features suitable for a modern real estate agency.

Indeed, the founder of RockAgent also realizes that the most famous solutions can also become an obstacle for his company.

Too high costs, useless and incomplete functions, technicians need, no autonomy in customization, penalties and contractual impositions are just some of the problems of traditional switchboards, according to Daniel.

It slows down and makes more difficult to find the perfect service. Daniel thinks he is choosing a mediocre solution, like those offered by many traditional switchboards.

But he is an ambitious entrepreneur and does not give up. He does some research and finally finds the solution to his problems: the cloud PBX.

In fact, based on his research, the founder of RockAgent understood that in cloud PBXs were the only ones to offer the flexibility and modularity he had been looking for some time. An objective difficult to achieve through traditional switchboards usage.

. We needed an agile and dynamic service to be able to adopt.

Daniel begins to contact all the companies offering a cloud PBX but he notices that the activation methods are too long and the customer service is often inconstant and inefficient. 

This is the moment in which Daniel discovers Voxloud:

“When I read about the activation in 59 seconds and the competitive prices, it was like discovering another world. Voxloud is doing in the telecommunications sector what we are doing in the real estate sector. It was love at first sight”.

He therefore decides to rely totally on Voxloud and activates his cloud PBX in just 59 seconds.

These product features aren’t the only points in common between RockAgent and Voxloud. In fact, the revolutionary real estate agency has a lot in common with Voxloud: they are both young companies that bring innovation to the market with simple and intuitive services.

RockAgent is a hybrid proptech startup born in 2018, which combines the introduction of digital tools with experienced real estate agents.

After the launch in Rome, RockAgent brought its innovative service first to Milan and then on a national scale.

One of the most important innovations lies in the technological development in aid of real estate sales by means of virtual reality, the processing of big data and the centralization of management processes. Today, RockAgent has more than 50 employees.

Before Voxloud

  • Traditional switchboard market that offers cumbersome and inflexible solutions
  • Inability to contact all customers who had called
  • Failure to acquire potential customers
  • Lost calls
  • Lack of a management system to obtain call data
  • Inability to scale and adapt the switchboard in real time

Voxloud success


Daniel Debash discovers Voxloud at the beginning of his entrepreneurial adventure. After choosing the Voxloud cloud PBX, Daniel decides to contact us for customizing and optimizing his PBX.

Daniel didn’t want a single telephone line, as is often the case in traditional real estate agencies.

Having a single telephone line, for a real estate agency means reducing the volume of calls and potential customers to manage. An agency as RockAgent can’t act in this way. 

Daniel decides to take matters into his own hands to avoid losing calls and customers and finds his ally in Voxloud. No missed calls, no slowdown in your business.

For him, Voxloud is a switchboard that grows together with his company, so as to easily scale the service, with simple clicks.

Furthermore, the Voxloud cloud PBX is flexible, simple and fast. These are essential needs for RockAgent,  due to  the increasing number of calls and the ever-increasing growth of the business.

Daniel found in Voxloud the solution for a long lasting growth, making the customer experience positive and rewarding, both in sales and purchase phases.

Thanks to Voxloud, he can activate the switchboard in just 59 seconds. He chose two lines to manage incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously.

But that’s not all: Daniel takes advantage of the flexibility of Voxloud by opening an additional third channel to make three calls at the same time during peak phone calls. This is the kind of flexibility Daniel has been looking for for some time.

In times of high turnout, thanks to the internal management system, RockAgent agents track call flows to understand when to use an additional third line. This optimizes costs in real time.

RockAgent is therefore flexible and adapts its telephone switchboard day by day, following the growth and needs of the startup.

Since Rockagent uses Voxloud, he never misses any calls and potential customers and manages more and more buyer visits.


With Voxloud

  • Thanks to simultaneous lines, call log and data traceability, RockAgent has increased customer acquisition capacity and made the PBX more flexible
  • RockAgent activated the service in 59 seconds without technicians
  • Thanks to the modularity of Voxloud, RockAgent has customized its service with additional features (eg: adding additional numbers, faxes, blacklisted numbers)
  • RockAgent has integrated Voxloud with their used CRMs
«Traditional real estate agencies often have difficulty managing all incoming and outgoing call flows, resulting in poor PBX management and reduced customer acquisition. With Voxloud we have data traceability, we no longer lose calls and manage multiple customers at a time, compared to traditional methods in which an agent is dedicated only to one customer and that's it. In the most intense moments, it is enough to trace the flows of calls to immediately understand when to introduce an additional line. Managing calls to over 550 properties in 165 cities is a big challenge, but thanks to Voxloud, all of this is possible. »
— Daniel Debash, CEO & RockAgent S.p.A. Founder

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