We introduce you the Starter Kit

A special box in which you will find everything you need to install Voxloud and guarantee you a complete user experience… And even something more!

Request your Free Starter Kit

Our Starter Kit allows you to touch the Voxloud Cloud Phone System.

Today we have a lot of services and applications to choose from, but all of these services have a big limit.

Even if you find the right product you don’t have the opportunity to “touch it” because it has nothing physical, or because the “physical” part of the product cannot be tested in advance. It happens with PC software, it also happens with cloud phone systems.

Think for example of traditional phone systems: with normal telephone operators it is practically impossible to try one of the phones included in a subscription. Not to mention the constraints

This is why we created the Starter Kit

All these limits are frustrating because you as an entrepreneur want the best while paying the right, but until you try what you are about to buy, you will never be sure and you will live with many doubts.

This is the reasoning behind our brand new Starter Kit, unique in the Italian panorama. A real box which contains all the power and versatility of Voxloud.

What’s included

Letter from our CEO

A letter written for you directly by our CEO, Leonardo Coppola.

Welcome brochure

A welcome brochure with everything you need to know about how to activate and best use your new cloud PBX.

Book "Success Stories"

A book of over 80 pages with our success stories, where you can find out how companies like yours have grown thanks to Voxloud.

Book of reviews

A booklet with more than 30 pages of customer reviews from over 100 different sectors.

Two Voxloud's phones

Two certified Voxloud phones, with HD audio and ready to use. You can choose yourself the phones you prefer to receive (landline, cordless).

Session with a Voxloud Specialist

You will have access to a private session with one of our Voxloud Specialists, to whom you can ask all the questions you want and customize your experience with Voxloud to the maximum.

Voxloud gadgets

We don’t want to spoil the presents to you: it will be a real surprise! PS. It’s much more than what you see in the unboxing video!

Request now your Free Starter Kit

«If I have to buy a completely virtual PBX, why can't I try it first even with a physical, real device?»

Our CEO shows you the Starter Kit

The first thing we want to tell you is that the Starter Kit is completely free (including shipping) and you can request it when activating the free trial.

The second thing you need to know is that you can choose the Starter Kit with the product you want to use. That’s right, we’ll let you touch our Voxloud certified HD audio phones first hand. Free.

Request the Starter Kit

Let's open the Starter Kit together

Find out with us what you will find inside the Starter Kit. Just click here on the right to see the unboxing video we created for you.

Ready? Go!

freccia destra voxloud

How to request the Starter Kit?

It’s that simple!
Just activate a free trial by clicking here, follow the instructions and choose the Starter Kit that best suits your needs.

We have created a short video to show you how easy it is to request your very own Starter Kit. Find it here.


It is a box containing everything you need to help you install Voxloud and to guarantee you a complete experience of using your new PBX, even during the free trial!

Yes! The Voxloud Starter Kit is 100% free.

Up to 2 Voxloud branded VoIP phones (cordless or fixed, your choice), advice on the first configuration of the Voxloud cloud phone system (customized for your company and provided by one of our PBX Specialists), some contents to learn how to use Voxloud at its best and a lot of gadgets.

You can claim your free Starter Kit at the same time you activate the free trial.

From the moment you request it, the Starter Kit will arrive in your office (or home) in a few days. In the meantime, you can immediately start using the cloud phone system from the Voxloud desktop and smartphone (PC and Mac) apps!

In case you do not want to activate Voxloud after the free trial expires, you can request the withdrawal of your Starter Kit.

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