Discover how BraianTech went from an average of 10 days for a traditional installation to just 48 hours with the Voxloud cloud phone system

Valerio Brai is the IT manager of BraianTech, a young, expanding business that provides IT consultancy for companies.

Their philosophy is based on comprehensive customer care, selling complete “turnkey” services and building loyalty through total support.

They offer programming, installation and management of software systems, with a keen eye on new security devices, such as video surveillance.

In short, BraianTech is like a technology inventor who creates and modifies his creations, and installs them in the world outside, where they continue to exist in other businesses.

To do this, they need partners offering high-quality products that are ready for use: their brilliant intuitions need the support of efficient systems that don’t waste time.

A prime example of time wasting?

Traditional business phone systems, of course!


Time saved installing phone systems for customers (from 10 days to just 48 hours).


More tickets processed thanks to the Voxloud cloud phone system


Savings on the bills of BraianTech customers who have chosen Voxloud as their cloud phone system


Towards Voxloud

Valerio had worked with traditional and VoIP systems in the past. They both had to be set up in accordance with the customer’s brief and the time could certainly have be used in a way that was more productive for the company… refining marketing strategies, perhaps, or inventing great new software!

Another difficulty experienced was that of ensuring his company optimal visibility in order to acquire new customers, given that he did not have much time for marketing campaigns or social media.

Moreover, Valerio had never considered other business opportunities to extend the confines of his business and thus his turnover. Voxloud has allowed him to do this.


partnership_with_voxloudThe partnership with Voxloud

Thanks to his discovery of Voxloud, Valerio was then able to tell his customers of the benefits he had gained, after having been our customer for around a year. Firstly, he found an ingenious solution in the cloud phone system, as it does not require any hardware equipment, except for the phones, if used. And it is already rigorously configured to meet specific needs.

The days of programming traditional phone systems from scratch are over!

During the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020, many companies had to let their employees work from home and for Valerio this was an opportunity to discover how simple it was to exploit the potential of Voxloud.

Problems Valerio was able to solve with Volxoud

All it took was to simply download the app to his personal mobile phone to be immediately “linked” to his office extension. By connecting the office phone line to his home Internet line, he was able to work in full autonomy, meeting 100% of his customers’ smart working requests successfully.

problems_solve with VoxloudNo inconvenience and not a single day of closure, thanks to Voxloud!


It was so simple and immediate that he had to tell his customers about it! An emblematic example of others who were enthusiastic for the same reasons, was a company with offices in Rome and in Benevento.

Through Voxloud, personnel such as the CEO and the secretarial staff were able to communicate and work effectively, despite being miles apart in their respective homes. Product support was another problem that Valerio found to be resolved in an efficient and more human way than with large telephone companies: the support he needs is received quickly and from an expert, without having to rely on pre-recorded discs or dispersive call centres.

We all know how frustrating it is to spend tens of minutes on the phone with a technical problem that needs to be solved urgently, pressing 1, 5 or 9 key and then perhaps finding that the line has dropped or you have the wrong extension: a nightmare for private individuals and, above all, of companies.

Valerio found all these advantages, which are far from negligible, at very affordable costs.

BraianTech has thus gone from an average of 10 days for a traditional installation to just 48 hours with the Voxloud cloud phone system: considerably less time (80% quicker), with no more transfers or hours of overtime for off-site technical intervention requests. for off-site technical interventions, thanks to direct access to the switchboard from the Voxloud web panel.

The company’s internal productivity has thus increased, with over 30% more tickets processed, and these benefits have also been shared with its customers, who have achieved average savings of 43% on their bills thanks to the unique Voxloud offer: almost half compared to with their previous operators!

For a dynamic company like BraianTech, receiving the most from a partner company, both in practical and human terms, has meant being able to provide the same things to its own customers as it has always set out to do, from start to finish.

«Thanks to the Voxloud cloud phone system, we were able to go from an average of 10 days per installation, with traditional hardware phone systems, to about 48 hours. This significant amount of time saved has allowed us to focus on important aspects of our business.»
— Valerio Brai, BraianTech IT Manager

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