Multi Branch

Connect all your business branches to a single phone system

With Voxloud, you can connect multiple branches of the same company to the same cloud phone system with one click, including users (extensions) in any place or branch.

Does your company has multiple operating branches?

Save by unifying

One of the greatest benefits of a single phone system with different phone numbers (for different company branches, for example) is how much you save.


Yes, because you don’t have to sign several telephone contracts, one for each branch. With Voxloud, you can manage all of them with a single phone system. By centralising, you pay a single bill instead of one for each branch!

Increase the productivity

Voxloud lets you manage all the incoming calls to different numbers (02-xxx, 06-xxx, 031-xxxx) from one or more extensions. In addition, internal calls and call transfers between different branches are free.


You also have the possibility of one or more landline numbers for the same business account, with IVR, messages and different reply rules for each number!

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