How Baccolandia optimized its phone lead generation system thanks to Voxloud, cutting phone costs by 70% from those of its previous phone operator and managing to make about 100 calls daily

Baccolandia is a company working in the wine sector with two types of activities: telephone sales of wine to private customers and consultancy for wine-producers who want to implement a B2C sales strategy. After several service failures with the previous VoIP operator, Baccolandia’s founder began looking for a cloud service offering better telephone quality, as 90% of its workflow was through the phone.


Savings compared to with the previous phone operator


Calls per day


Employees making and receiving calls through Voxloud

Towards Voxloud

Since its foundation in 2014, Giuseppe, Baccolandia’s CEO, knew perfectly well that using a traditional phone system for his business would not be sustainable.

Baccolandia finds its customers through phone lead generation based on lists of potential customers provided by some databases.

The costs of a traditional phone system would have been too expensive for telephone lead generation, since 90% of calls are to customers with mobile numbers.

Therefore, Baccolandia chose a VoIP solution from an Italian operator for a period of time, but the results fell short of their expectations. The call quality was terrible and too often the other person could be heard intermittently. But that wasn’t all.

The worst thing was that calls were often cut off during the conversation. This resulted in the loss of potential customers and thus of potential revenue.

Moreover, the company didn’t have a flat rate subscription, so control of costs was impossible as there was no way to determine the length of sales calls in advance. It was in this precise moment that Voxloud and Baccolandia’s paths crossed.

Giuseppe, tired of all these problems, started looking for a better service, which could allow him to control costs and improve the audio quality of the calls.

Founded in 2014, Baccolandia is a company specialised in the wine sector, particularly marketing & sales strategies. Baccolandia offers the creation, implementation and development of wine marketing strategies for the B2C and food service and hotel channels in the Italian and Swiss markets. The company’s activity is focused on two specific lines of operation: consulting and direct sales, with its own facilities in Turin and Alba.

Before Voxloud

  • No possibility of cost control without a flat rate subscription.
  • Poor audio quality of calls.
  • Unexpected line interruptions resulting in loss of potential customers.

The transition to Voxloud

After careful examination of what the market had to offer, Giuseppe found Voxloud and, intrigued by the features of the cloud phone system, he decided to try it out through the free trial period.

Looking at Voxloud’s tariff plan, Giuseppe immediately realised that he could make large savings compared to with the previous phone operator.

Giuseppe then had a brief conversation with a Voxloud expert, who helped him find the best cloud phone system configuration for his free trial.

The test of the phone system began immediately: the call quality was definitely better than that of the previous phone operator and Voxloud had no service disruptions. After the first week of the trial, the results were sensational.

Thanks to Voxloud, the Baccolandia staff were able to make an average of 100 genuine calls (with answers) per day, without any disruptions or call cut-offs. For Giuseppe, the test was extraordinary and more than sufficient. Baccolandia immediately decided to activate Voxloud, opting for the “Voxloud Business” plan with a flat rate subscription.

Thanks to Voxloud, the company made remarkable savings, paying around 80% less than with the previous phone operator. Baccolandia could now reinvest the money saved in other business areas, such as marketing, to boost growth even further.

Moreover, the quality provided by Voxloud allowed Baccolandia not to lose any more potential customers and helped improve the work of its staff.

With Voxloud

  • Thanks to a flat rate subscription covering all calls, Baccolandia saved 80% of what it had been paying its previous phone operator.
  • Baccolandia has achieved full cost control, now knowing how much it pays each month, with no unpleasant surprises.
  • Voxloud has considerably improved the output quality of Baccolandia’s calls, from the service disruptions of the previous operator to full operating efficiency, with up to 100 genuine (answered) calls made by the company’s six employees each day.
  • The 80% savings has allowed Baccolandia to invest in business improvements which, without Voxloud, would not have been possible for quite some time.
«Thanks to Voxloud, we saved 80% of what we’d been paying our previous phone operator, and are able to making almost 100 genuine, answered calls each day.
Ninety per cent of our work is via telephone, so we need 100% phone efficiency.
Voxloud has improved our business, cutting costs considerably and freeing up economic resources to permit various investments that would otherwise have required much more time. In addition, Voxloud has improved the quality of calls compared to with our previous VoIP operator.
— Giuseppe Penotti, Baccolandia CEO

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