How Elite Immobiliare combined the Voxloud VoiceMail service with direct response marketing techniques, increasing its speed by 40% and not losing any more potential customers, in spite of the large volume of incoming calls

Elite Immobiliare puts customers’ interests before its own, providing a precise real estate brokerage service for transparent, secure and honest purchases, sales and leases. The company’s marked preference for direct marketing techniques led it to seek a phone solution that would allow it to scale its real estate business and speed up the customer acquisition process as much as possible.


Increase in its customer acquisition rate


Phone Lines


No potential customer lost anymore

Towards Voxloud

An Adwords pioneer, since 2004, the company has already been successfully experimenting with lead generation campaigns on Google.

In the early 2000s, the Internet had not yet reached everyone and its average users were well-off people, typical of those targeted by Elite Immobiliare’s ads.

As time passed, however, the Internet spread increasingly and, by necessity, the target reached so easily at the start became more difficult to acquire.

For this reason, the company began to adopt different strategies and tools, including the use of a traditional phone system. They implemented an ingenious phone system set-up.

It offered 9 phone lines with 9 different numbers, each associated with a different ad campaign or sales channel, such as and, or simple street billboards.

This ensured the traceability of potential customers. Elite Immobiliare could know which ad or channel was more effective simply from the numbers used for the calls.

It all sounds perfect but it was precisely in this moment that the first problems appeared, as the phone system on which the company spent so much money did not adapt to its marketing strategies.

For example, finding a house available for purchase in Milan was very difficult and, for this reason, micro-ad campaigns were conducted. These generally lasted 2 hours and advertised real estate at a consistent and fair price. For those two endless hours, there was an average of 70 incoming calls per ad. Handling such a large number of calls with a traditional phone system was impossible, and potential customers who found the line busy were almost certainly lost, as they wouldn’t call back again.

There were also several occasions when the company called potential customers who had slipped away. However, in 2 or 3 days they had already found a house with the help of a competitor. Thus, the company lost revenue.

Changing a simple setting on the traditional phone system was terribly complicated, requiring a series of numbers and symbols to be entered each time.

Up to half a day could be lost before finally getting it right. The desire not to waste time setting a simple voicemail in order not to lose any more calls and to allow potential customers to leave a message obliged Elite Immobiliare to rely on a technician.

However, the technician came at a high price. Each operation cost no less than €150 per hour. The tolerance limit was soon exceeded. During a migration from TIM to Fastweb, a two-day phone service interruption occurred.

This was in the precise moment that the company had paid for a full-page ad in the Corriere della Sera. A situation of this kind could never be permitted again.

Elite Immobiliare puts customers’ interests before its own, providing a precise real estate brokerage service for transparent, secure and honest purchases, sales and leases.

It was established in 2004 with a new, customer care-oriented approach. No offices along the street, but always internal, as real estate transactions were to be treated as something confidential.

Before Voxloud

  • A traditional phone system that didn’t adapt to the company’s marketing strategies.
  • No possibility of calling back potential customers who found the line busy.
  • Inevitable loss of some potential customers to competitors.
  • Necessity of relying on technical intervention even for routine modifications.

The transition to Voxloud

He knew that he needed a flexible service that was simple to program and would allow calls to be answered anywhere. It would also have to integrate as much as possible with the company’s marketing campaigns, which had very high performance requirements.

During the event, Marco immediately decided to try the service and activate the free trail.

The astonishment came a few days later, when he had returned to his office and launched a two-hour micro-marketing-campaign. Now, thanks to the voicemail service, not a single call or potential customer was lost, and lead generation could finally be implemented perfectly.

But that was not all.

Potential customers who had found the line busy had been directed to voicemail and could leave messages, which were immediately forwarded to Marco and his staff’s email, in plain text and mp3 format. The time wasted listening to the numerous messages that had been left was now an old memory.

Thanks to Voxloud’s mobile app, Elite Immobiliare has totally removed all landline phones and works exclusively from mobile phones.

With Voxloud

  • Elite Immobiliare has speeded up its customer acquisition process by 40%.
  • Thanks to Voxloud’s voicemail feature, even customers whose calls aren’t answered during marketing campaigns can now be recovered.
  • Elite Immobiliare has removed all its landlines and now operates exclusively from mobile phones, regardless of where its employees are.
«Voxloud was so easy to understand that we were able to integrate in our agency from day zero.
Previously, we wasted so much time, spending 1 or 2 hours repeatedly listening to messages and trying to understand words, telephone numbers, etc.
Now, with the voicemail feature, the process lasts only 30 seconds, we have everything in writing, and we can handle messages 40% faster than before.
Our lead generation is finally optimised.»
— Marco Cassanelli, Elite Immobiliare CEO

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