How Fare Impresa 24 cut its phone bill by 50% thanks to Voxloud, despite opening a new branch and hiring over 30 employees

Fare Impresa 24 is the first business advisory firm in Italy to operate exclusively online. It is the company that manages the well-known website The company’s vigorous growth encouraged its CEO to find a service that could resolve its business communication problems and adapt to its continuous expansion. It was essential for the new system to be user-friendly, cost-effective and scalable as the company grew. Voxloud seemed the perfect solution and it immediately allowed Fare Impresa 24 to save 50% on its previous phone operator’s bills, providing ease of use and scalability, namely, just what the company had wanted.


Savings compared to with the previous phone operator


branches 1000 km apart finally connected


Qualified “Partitaiva24” professionals now calling from their offices through Voxloud

Towards Voxloud

Fare Impresa 24’s journey towards Voxloud started immediately after the opening of the second operational branch in Sicily, since the main headquarters in Milan could no longer contain the administration and tax offices and the consultants’ rooms.

The affiliation of over 30 professionals in its network changed the working procedure of the entire company. The website was becoming a reference point for Italian freelancers and start uppers.

The CEO, Roberto Scurto, began to realise that the handling of incoming and outgoing calls was too disorganised.

There were too many existing contracts and telephone numbers for the company’s two branches, in addition to the 30 professionals in offices all over Italy, with whom information and consultation had to be exchanged immediately in order to provide customers with an excellent service. There was the telephone contract for the branch in Sicily, the telephone contract for the headquarters in Lombardy and the mobile numbers of over 30 professionals all over Italy.

Each of these numbers had its own separate phone bill and it was all more often than not impossible to understand, with no event log or any way of monitoring the huge number of calls, which continued to grow with every passing day. In fact, the portal was booming.

Contact requests from potential customers on the website were constantly growing and could not be properly and efficiently managed (by phone) in order to balance costs and benefits.

Ninety per cent of the numbers given by users in order to be called for a first consultation were for mobile phones.

Therefore, the final problem was the lack of a flat rate subscription for mobile numbers, which obliged the company to pay heavy bills to various traditional phone companies.

In this situation, cost control was impossible as a call could last from 5 minutes to an hour. It was time to find a solution that would allow the company to grow at its own rhythm and adapt to business growth, not vice versa.

The impossibility of installing a physical phone system, due to the long distance between the two branches and the network of professionals all over Italy, led to the trials with VoIP phone services, such as Blueface and Messagenet.

After these trial periods, however, the value for money of the service wasn’t as expected and there was urgent need to find a definite solution.

Founded in 2012, it is Italy’s leading provider of online services for people who want to start their own business, through its well-known website

Fare Impresa 24’s specialised consultants are assigned according to the type of activity the user conducts or is planning to conduct. For example, a customer wanting a VAT registration number for E-commerce will speak always and exclusively with expert E-commerce professionals.

Fare Impresa 24 takes customers by the hand and leads them directly to the result, assisting them throughout the entire process to become an entrepreneur or freelance professional.

Before Voxloud

  • Cost control impossible due to excessive outbound calls to mobile numbers and too many telephone contracts.
  • No possibility of forwarding calls between the two branches (Sicily and Lombardy).
  • No possibility of forwarding calls to the experts around Italy.

The transition to Voxloud

For the Fare Impresa 24 team, a phase of searching was beginning again. Within a few minutes, they found a name: Voxloud.

After a quick look on the website to see the cloud phone system’s features, they decided to try it immediately.

There was no more time for waiting! Therefore, they activated the 15-day free trial.

During the trial period, the discovery of the various features caused great surprise at first, as it was now possible for the two branches located at opposite ends of Italy to communicate.

This was all thanks to Voxloud’s multi-branch capability!

In addition, it was finally possible to forward calls to the various experts scattered all around Italy, with a simple click.

But this wasn’t the only “surprise”. While choosing the best Voxloud plan for their business needs, the possibility of activating a flat rate subscription immediately caught their attention.

The subscription included unlimited calls to mobile numbers. The main problem was finally resolved.

The mere activation of the flat rate plan would cut the company’s bill by 50% from that of the previous phone operator, allowing it to invest the extra money in marketing to boost growth even more.

Finally, the two branches could now communicate freely as if they were in the same building and the telephony process was much simpler, with one single number and contract.

Cost control had finally been achieved. One telephone bill and one subscription for both branches and the 30-plus affiliated professionals who provide phone consultation around the country.

Lastly, scalability of the telephone system was also achieved. The opening of further branches or the addition of new collaborators would not be a problem anymore.

With Voxloud

  • Fare Impresa 24 has cut its phone costs by 50%, activating a flat rate subscription with all calls included, and is finally able to control its costs.
  • The company has connected the telephone network of its two physical branches, 1000 km apart, as if they were one single headquarters.
  • Calls can now be forwarded to the various experts all over Italy with a simple click, allowing them to receive calls and provide consultations.
  • With Voxloud’s mobile app, the Fare Impresa 24 experts now work wherever they are, often from an armchair in the rest room.
«We left our previous VoIP phone operator due to cost control issues, and now, with Voxloud, we’re saving 50% of what it cost us before and we finally know what we’re paying for, with everything monitored.
Moreover, the previous phone operator wasn’t as efficient as Voxloud in terms of audio quality. I know that this could depend on other factors, but our business relies so much on the telephone that it is essential for us that it works perfectly »
— Roberto Scruto, Fare Impresa 24 CEO

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