How Lecrai reduced its phone bill by 40% thanks to Voxloud, despite also using the cloud phone system for international calls

Lecrai manufactures and markets parts for commercial vehicles. It is a constantly evolving company with its sights set on export to the global market. After several problems with a traditional Telecom phone system, they began looking for a more flexible service, with clear costs and no surprises in the bills.


Reduction in phone charges compared to the previous operator


Lecrai employees using Voxloud to make and receive calls


Surprises in the bill

Towards Voxloud

Lecrai is a company specialised in the production of parts for trucks and commercial vehicles and it works with numerous partners, both in Italy and abroad.

Voxloud and Lecrai’s paths crossed after Lecrai had undergone a complete technological renovation.

Its commercial director, Francesco Mini, son of the founder Marcello, decided that the time had come to totally renew the management of partners’ orders.

He also decided to renew the awful traditional Telecom phone system with its absurd contract.

The most recent contract had been activated without Francesco’s agreement.

Lecrai has an analogue phone system with 10 internal numbers, but none of the team were satisfied with its overall operation.

Lecrai has an analog Phone System with 10 inner numbers. But the entire team isn’t satisfied with the total functioning.

For example, Francesco couldn’t even receive direct calls to his personal extension or forward calls to mobile numbers.

It was basically an antiquated system unsuitable for the current year, 2020.

Moreover, the Telecom contract was constantly increasing every 6 months, with an additional number he had never requested.

For this reason, tired of endless contractual problems and numerous service interruptions over the years, he decided to find an alternative business telephone solution.

He made trials with some virtual operators based on his needs, namely the possibility to receive calls directly on his internal number, forward calls to mobile numbers and, last but not least, make calls abroad at the right rates.

Lecrai, in fact, has numerous exports, with several customers abroad, and it was making international calls using Skype. However, this system was very complicated for Francesco to teach his older colleagues.

The trials, however, did not give positive results and Francesco wasn’t satisfied with the call quality or the prices offered by the virtual operators.

So, he decided to seek a different solution that could meet his business needs and put an end to all the phone problems once and for all.

Founded in 1976 by Marcello Mini, Lecrai is a company specialized in the production of parts for trucks and commercial vehicles and it works with numerous partners in Italy and other countries.

To date, Lecrai products are exported to 5 continents and the company is a producer of original parts for leading international car manufacturers.

Before Voxloud

  • Analog Phone System from Telecom with 10 inner numbers.
  • Impossibility to receive calls directly to inner numbers.
  • Telecom contracts with continuous price changes and activations of no requested options.

The transition to Voxloud

Francesco found Voxloud while searching online and contacted a Voxloud expert to explain his needs.

A few minutes later, Lecrai immediately started its trail period. Once the Phone System was properly set up, the real test began.

First and foremost, Francesco finally had a solution to the problem of direct calls, as with Voxloud he could receive calls directly to his own extension, without passing through the IVR.

In addition, Francesco discovered that it was very easy to make international calls.

He could simply open the Voxloud app and make the call as if it were a normal local call, which couldn’t be simpler for his elder colleagues to grasp.

Having passed the initial test, Francesco decided to activate a Voxloud Business subscription for Lecrai, which cut his phone costs by 40% compared to the previous phone operator.

Now Lecrai has finally achieved complete control of costs, thanks to the cloud phone system.

There are no surprises at the end of the month and no extra charges to pay in the bill or subscriptions activated without being requested.

With Voxloud

  • Lecrai has saved 40% of what is was paying its previous Phone Operator.
  • Calls can now be received directly on any extension.
  • It has achieved FULL control of costs and, thanks to Voxloud, the company knows what it is paying for, with no more surprises at the end of the month.
«With Voxloud, our productivity has significantly increased and our bill is considerably lower, by about 40%. We finally know what we are paying for and, in particular, HOW MUCH we have to pay.
I really like the VoiceMail management; it allows certain business processes to be completed in a few minutes instead of a few hours, as was previously the case.
The company makes numerous international calls and we now make them directly with Voxloud, thanks to the prepaid credit.
The great thing is that I don’t have to explain to my colleagues (who often aren’t so young) how to make calls with Skype or another app.
With Voxloud, we now have everything in a single tool.
The difference between Voxloud and the higher-end phone companies, aside from the excellent service, is that Voxloud never leaves you at the mercy of events. Voxloud’s support always assists your company at every step.
— Francesco Mini, Sales Director Lecrai Srl

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