How Tempo di Saldi, a top-30 e-commerce seller on Amazon, increased the speed of its support tickets by 25% using Voxloud, despite a constantly increasing volume of calls

Tempo di Saldi is one of Italy’s top e-commerce players, with a stable presence in the Amazon Top 30 and almost 4,000 new customers each week. With the increase in customers’ calls (about 1,000 every month) and the opening of a new warehouse, the situation soon became unsustainable. So, the search began for a service that would help improve the work flow.


Faster processing of support tickets


Calls handled weekly


Headquarters now communicating through Voxloud

Towards Voxloud

The journey that linked the paths of Voxloud and Tempo di Saldi began when the e-commerce business started expanding on multiple fronts. It was time to grow and open its own warehouse separate from the central administration offices. In the meantime, the number of calls was growing at the same rate as new customers, reaching around 4,000 each week.

However, the business telephone management did not match the speed of this growth. Tommaso, CEO of Tempo di Saldi, began to see that he did not have full control over his own business telephony.

The telephone set-up had 5 mobile numbers, one for each sales channel (Ebay, Amazon, Website, etc.).

Each mobile phone that rang corresponded to a different sales channel. It all became too confusing, especially when a customer called to ask about the features of a product in the recently opened warehouse.

With the existing telephone structure, employees had to takes notes, then call the warehouse to ask for the features of the product and, finally, return the customer’s call.

Meanwhile, the customer could have bought the product elsewhere. It was time to bring order to this chaos.

Tempo di Saldi was started in 2014, just for fun, when Tommaso, the owner of a private post office, contacted a wholesaler to buy some watches.

As they were sold wholesale, Tommaso was obliged to buy an entire batch of stock, which was too much for him. Therefore, he decided to sell the remaining watches on eBay.

The result was incredible: all the watches were sold in a few hours. From that moment, he began to think that this could be an alternative to his business and so he started selling regularly online.

Before Voxloud

  • 5 mobile numbers given to customers, one for each sales channel (Amazon, eBay, etc.).
  • Impossibility of processing support tickets at good speed, due to calls on mobile phones.
  • Impossibility of forwarding calls to the warehouse located in a separate building.

The transition to Voxloud

Encouraged by a friend, Tommaso contacted Voxloud and explained his difficulties and his company’s telephone set-up. After speaking with a Voxloud Expert, Tempo di Saldi immediately began the trial period.

The results were clear from the start, and quite amazing. Support tickets could now be processed 25% faster than before, and considering the volume of calls (about 1,000 calls every month), this was an astonishing result.

Now, with Voxloud, if a customer called enquiring about the features of a particular product, the employees didn’t take notes anymore but simply transferred the call to the warehouse with just one click, as if it were located in the same building.

This was all possible thanks to Voxloud’s multi-branch capability. Moreover, Tommaso took full advantage of Voxloud’s potential to properly train new staff. How? Thanks to call recording, he could now hire employees and give them proper training.

He could have new recruits listen to calls handled by expert employees to understand how to behave with customers in certain circumstances, easily and quickly.

The experience with Voxloud went so well that Tommaso decided to also install the Voxloud phone system in the customer care of his other company, which handles private mail.

With Voxloud

  • With Voxloud, Tempo di Saldi has increased its support ticket processing speed by 25% and improved the flow of calls.
  • Voxloud has connected the administration department with the warehouse as they were a single branch.
  • Thanks to the call-recording feature, Tempo di Saldi has implemented top quality staff training.
  • he Voxloud application has improved the quality of work so much that Tommaso decided to also instal it in the customer care of his other company, which handles private mail.
«Now, with Voxloud, we’re able to handle about 1,000 calls per month, with a 25% increase in the processing of support tickets, thanks to the efficiency of the system.
For example, when a customer calls us to enquire about the features of a product, which requires a member of our warehouse staff (in a separate location), we can immediately transfer the call to the warehouse, even though we’re miles apart.
Before this, we had to take notes, call the warehouse asking for the features of the product, wait and then return the call to the customer, who, in the meantime, could have bought the product elsewhere.
I liked Voxloud so much that I decided to open a second Voxloud account for my private mail business, and they use it much more than us... there are 10 of them in customer care»
— Tommaso Botta, Tempo di Saldi CEO

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