How TravelBuy Italia increased its customer care’s speed by +30% and knock down business phone costs by 70% thanks to Voxloud. The company has been able to link 2 company headquarters 500 km away from each other and make them communicate

TravelBuy is the network of travel agencies which, since 2008, has given the opportunity to become travel agent to anyone who wanted, at limited costs but still keeping qualities and benefit a Network has to offer. After many changes of telephone operators, trying to solve business telephone problems, TravelBuy’s CEO starts seeking out any services able to reorganize corporate telephony.


Increase of Customer care responsiveness


Savings compared to previous telephone operator


Company headquarters in communication with each other

Towards Voxloud

Voxloud and TravelBuy ways’ meet when Alfredo Vassalluzzo, TravelBuy’s CEO, tired of  too many problems, starts seeking out a service able to solve his business telephone problems.

TravelBuy “phone history” is full of phone problems.

At the beginning, as almost all companies, TravelBuy trusted in a traditional Phone Operator as TIM, linking with an analog Phone System.

But the experience is bordering on tragic.

After a multi-day breakdown the company contact the Customer Care but they soon realize they were explaining the problem to a call center operator who at least would have made a report.

In order to try to solve the problem, the Phone Operator sends a technician the company would have been supposed to pay good dollar and he doesn’t solve the problem definitively.

TravelBuy is the reference point of more than 110 branches throughout Italy. Therefore, it’s obvious it cannot permit phone breakdown because it has to provide assistance to its members every day.

After having tried almost all traditional Phone Operators with bad results, the company decides to turn to the Voip System and try some virtual Operator as OpenVoip, hoping not to run into previous issues.

Unfortunately, OpenVoip doesn’t exceed expectations.

Call quality isn’t good. Even if the price per month isn’t excessive, at the end of the month the bill becomes enormous so that the company pays for every single call, and with 110 branches daily calls are unlimited.

Furthermore, another issue appeares.

The opening of a new branch in Padua, in addition to the one in Rome.

The two branches have distinct phone contracts. They aren’t in communication with each other but they’re complementary to each other, therefore it’s necessary to forward calls to the branches as they were a single unit.

So Alfredo starts searching for a service which could make TravelBuy take the step towards a higher phone level. It was no longer time to wait.

TravelBuy is the Network of travel agencies which, since 2008, has given the opportunity to become travel agent to anyone who wanted, at limited costs but still keeping qualities and benefit a network has to offer.

TravelBuy allows everyone to enter the tourism sector, even without any kind of experience.

The company aids members starting from training to the store design. It supports them throughout all the startup phase and, especially later, TravelBuy remains behind the scenes as the reference solving every possible problem.

TravelBuy has 110 branches sharing every day the experience of having a satisfying career. If it’s carried out according to quality principles, it makes them grow professionally and establish themselves in the touristic sector.

Before Voxloud

  • Impossible cost control because of the lack of a flat subscription.
  • Impossibility of forwarding calls between branches in Rome and Padua, with a resulting strong braking in the processing of requests for assistance.

The transition to Voxloud

During his researches, Alfredo runs into a Voxloud sponsored ad and, intrigued by it, starts immediately his trial period.

Thanks to Voxloud’s ability to be multi-branch, its cost-reflectivity and the opportunity to finally link the 2 branches encourage Alfredo to fully try out Voxloud during the trial period of two weeks.

During the trial period, TravelBuy feels tangibly Voxloud’s flexibility.

Consequently, immediately a Multilevel IVR  has been created in complete autonomy, in order to make the two branches communicate with each other. Exactly what TravelBuy needed.

Even call quality has been fully tested and Voxloud successfully passes the examination.

At the end of the trial period, Alfredo is extremely satisfied and decides to immediatly activate Voxloud for both TravelBuy’s branches.

Voxloud activation makes TravelBuy cut its phone costs by 70% as compared to the previous Phone Operator.

In addition, thanks to the flexibility created linking the two branches, the processing of requests for technical assistance results faster by +30% than before.

With Voxloud

  • Travelbuy has accelerated by +30% the processing of requests for technical assistance.
  • Thanks to Voxloud TravelBuy has cut by 70% its business phone costs as compared to the previous Phone Operator.
  • Two branches away 500 km each other have been made communicate.
«We have chosen Voxloud after two weeks of trial period.
We felt tangibly Voxloud’s flexibility. The opportunity to independently create an IVR gives to the product an incomparable adaptability, exactly what we needed.
Cost-reflectivity found on the website and no contractual obligations encouraged me to choose Voxloud.
If today we’re in these offices and tomorrow we would like to move, with Voxloud there would be no problems. Whereas with Vodafone that’s not what has happened because, in order to transfer phone lines, we were forced to move to another office.
Voxloud enabled TravelBuy in communication, supporting us our growth. We started with Voxloud’s lowest offert, then we grew and adapted it to our needs.»
— Alfredo Vassalluzzo, TravelBuy Italia CEO

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