Empowering small businesses to become more professional

Telecommunications amplify our most powerful business tool: Our voice

Our voice is the most important commercial tool we have, but it is often overlooked. That’s why we developed Voxloud.


From the very beginning, our aim was to create a solution that offers companies much more than simply the ability to make and receive calls. 


We thought about all the things entrepreneurs actually need to communicate professionally and grow their businesses. The result is a phone system that can be activated in less than a minute (rather than several weeks), is easy to independently manage (no technical interventions required) and can be used on any company device (PC, smartphone, telephone).


At Voxloud, we understand that companies want a business communication system that is quick and easy to configure and manage. That’s why our cloud phone system features a simple, intuitive design that gives your employees all the functionality they need to interact professionally with customers and collaborate effectively with their colleagues – no matter where they are. 

Our core principles

Demonstrate dedication to our customers

Firstly, existing customers matter more than new customers. Secondly, we tailor our services based on what is truly valuable for our customers.


Last but not least, we strive to add a WOW factor to our customers’ touchpoints and exceed every expectation.

Earn trust through transparency and fairness

Whenever we speak – internally or externally – we speak plainly and clearly.


Unless we are explaining the inner-workings of our technology to other experts, our language is always simple and to the point. We don’t use eight words when five will do.

Be Bold and Fast

We are not content with the status quo, so we work fearlessly to improve our offering and actively explore alternatives in search of the next Big Thing.


We’re constantly innovating and raising the bar – we never settle for “good enough”, because good is the enemy of great! If we believe in doing something, we find a way to get it done.

Do Less, Better

In a world full of telecommunications providers that tend to overcomplicate things, we are a breath of fresh air for small businesses who want to keep things simple.


We focus on what matters most in everything we do, from product development to marketing. We care more about quality than quantity. 


Companies use Voxloud every day


Seconds is all it takes to adopt smart working methods with Voxloud


Positive reviews on Trustpilot, Google and Facebook

Our leadership team

Leonardo Coppola

CEO & Co-Founder

Gabriele Proni

CTO & Co-Founder

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