Enabling Small Businesses to be More Professional Through the Phone System

The most powerful business tool: our Voice

Our voice is the most important commercial tool we have, but it has always been ignored. This is why we developed Voxloud.


The ethics in Voxloud’s cloud phone system design were obvious from the start. It wasn’t just about developing a solution to call or receive calls what people needed, but how they could do it.


So we designed everything around the real experience that every entrepreneur should have when looking for a system to communicate professionally with his customers and his business team: fast to activate (in 59 seconds and not in weeks), easy to manage and above all independently (without technical interventions) and usable by any company device (PC, Smartphone and desk phone).


Let’s look at it this way: companies need a fast and simple process to activate and manage their corporate communication system, the employees who use it every day, more hours per day, need a simple design to take advantage of every functionality to interact professionally with customers and collaborate efficiently and sell more!

The core Principles we stand for

Be Obsessed over our Customers

First, existing customers matter more than new customers.
Second, We prioritize our services based on what is truly valuable for our clients.


Last, but not least, we strive to bring a WOW experience in every company’s touchpoints and deliver more than expected.

Be Transparent And Fair, Earn Trust

Whenever we speak – internally or externally – we should speak plainly and clearly.


Except for deep technical discussions, anyone who reads what we write and say should simply get it without further explanation required. Don’t use eight words when five will do.

Be Bold and Fast

We’re not content with the status quo, so we work fearlessly, improve constantly, and invest in exploring alternatives and the next-big-thing alike.


We continuously look to innovate and raise the bar and never settles for “good enough” (because good is the enemy of great)!
If we believe in doing something, we find a way to get it done. No excuses.

Do Less, Better

In a world full of Telecom Operators that overcomplicate things, we aim to stand out as a breath of fresh air for small businesses looking to keep things simple and straightforward.


We focus on what matters most, from the product to our marketing. When we do a smaller number of things with excellence, it’s a victory.


Italian and international companies that use Voxloud every day


Seconds needed to adopt the smart working thanks to Voxloud


Positive reviews on Trustpilot, Capterra, Google and Facebook

Our leadership

Leonardo Coppola

CEO & Co-Founder

Gabriele Proni

CTO & Co-Founder

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Request the ultrafast fiber Voxloud Wi-Fi


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  2. Choose the technology
  3. Request installation

Insert your address and click on “Check coverage” to check the maximum speed of Voxloud Wi-Fi and the type of fiber.

The connection speed and the prices depend on coverage and the area’s infrastructure.

Here you will find the type of Voxloud Wi-Fi available in your area:

    Fiber up to 1Gb / s
  • TOP
    Same download/upload speed
  • IPER
    100% fiber up to 1Gb/s

Click on “Request fiber” to proceed.

Fill out the form with your details and click on “Call me back within 15 minutes” to talk with a Specialist and plan the installation of Voxloud Wi-Fi

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For request outside business hours, calls will be make the next day.