Multi-level IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Add up to 3 levels to your IVR to guide your customers more effectively.

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Improve your customer's experience

Being kept on hold and then answered by the wrong person is the worst calling card for your company. With Voxloud’s IVR, there’s no more the risk of a customer ending up with the wrong department. You can design your own custom phone tree in just a few clicks, to ensure that your customers always speak with the right person!

Customize the settings

Thanks to the Voxloud intuitive web interface, you can plan your answer menu in a moment and manage it freely, defining required behaviours, phone numbers, the users or user groups (extensions) to whom calls are forwarded, audio messages, waiting times and so on.

Create a multi-level IVR

If your company markets abroad or has several branches distributed across the country, a Multi-Level IVR system is the best solution to give a professional image in several languages and forward calls to different branches, guiding them to the right person.

Handle multiple calls profitably

Voxloud IVR also lets your business save on staff hired to take calls, even in periods with a high incoming call volume, thus significantly reducing business costs.

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