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Place a call, start video conferences and analyze calls with a click

Powerful, complete, simple.

With the Voxloud desktop app you always have calls, contacts and activities under control in the Dashboard. Increase your team’s productivity with address book, video conferencing and call tracking, all just a click away.

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The Voxloud desktop app combines all the power of the Voxloud cloud-based phone system in a simple design.

A dashboard designed to give you all the most important information at a glance (such as contacts, extension status, address book and much more) leaves room for the three main sections: contact address book, event log and video conferencing.

Available for Mac and Windows. Download it now to take advantage of the full power of your Voxloud cloud-based phone system.

Have full control

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The dashboard is the main section of the app and contains all the essential information of your cloud-based phone system: recent calls, favorite contacts, a preview of the cloud-based phone system activity and much more!


Call your contacts with a click, thanks to the native address book or integrations with the address books of other CRMs.


Monitor all your cloud-based phone system calls in real time and get maximum control with contact status indicators.

Video Conference

Create a room or share a video conference link with one click, wherever you are.

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