How Aste & Investimenti used Voxloud to avoid losing calls, increasing potential customers by 30% each month

Aste & Investimenti is composed of a group of professionals who have worked in the real estate market for over 20 years. It offers customers a complete auction service, from the search for properties to their assessment. During a marketing conference, the company’s CEO recognised Voxloud as the ultimate phone solution to cover all their customer acquisition channels.


Monthly increase in potential interested customers


Phone Lines


Potential customers lost

Towards Voxloud

Aste & Investimenti’s primary focus is the centrality of the customer.

More specifically, the company provides total support to customers seeking to invest in real estate, leading them by the hand and guiding them through the entire lengthy real estate auction procedure.

Recently, however, with the increase in real estate opportunities published on various platforms, it was becoming increasingly difficult to meet the needs of potential customers.

Aste & Investimenti posts several ads on leading Italian real estate portals, such as:,,, etc.

Potential customers, namely, investors interested in purchasing through foreclosure auctions, could contact the company via the landline number included in the ad. The first problem was that there was only one contact number and it was included in every portal.

Thus, simultaneous calls were not possible. If potential customers called and found the line busy, the probability of them giving up and not calling back was extremely high. It was not too difficult to see that this was a huge loss of potential revenue for the company.

Moreover, since Aste & Investimenti published ads with the same phone number on different real estate portals, it was impossible to determine which portal gave better results.

Valerio Pisano, CEO of Aste & Investimenti, realised that his company’s phone department was very poorly organised.

It was time to put things in order.

Established in 2016, it is a group composed of professionals who have worked in the real estate market for over 20 years.

Aste & Investimenti assists customers from day one, when they first approach the world of real estate auctions. The company offers a complete support service, from the search for properties to their assessment, covering all steps of the process.

Before Voxloud

  • One single phone number given to customers.
  • Impossibility of receiving more than one call at a time.
  • No indication of which portal calls arrive from (,,, etc…).

The transition to Voxloud

During a marketing conference, the CEO of Aste & Investimenti came to know Voxloud, which was sponsoring the event.

Intrigued by the features and benefits of the Cloud phone system, Valerio began to realise that it could probably be the ultimate solution for his business phone system.

The possibility of receiving several calls at the same time encouraged him to try Voxloud at once. Once he was back in the office after the event, he immediately started the Voxloud trail period. Voxloud’s free trial went perfectly smoothly.

So well, indeed, that Valerio decided to instantly activate the Voxloud Business subscription and add another number in order to track his customer acquisition channels more efficiently.

Thanks to the VoiceMail service, if a call isn’t answered in time, it is no longer lost, and neither is any potential customer. In fact, the team knows at once who is calling. Even if they don’t manage to answer, they instantly receive VoiceMail messages, both in text and .mp3 format.

Aste & Investimenti then set up the Voxloud phone system with 3 new phone numbers, in order to track each of the portals it uses more efficiently. Last but not least, the Aste & Investimenti team now work wherever they are thanks to the Voxloud Apps for Smartphone and PC.

The final result achieved through use of the Voxloud phone system is a 30% increase in potential customers each month, without losing a single call anymore. 

With Voxloud

  • Aste & Investimenti has increased its potential customers by 30% each month.
  • Thanks to Voxloud VoiceMail, no more calls are lost if the team fails to answer.
  • Voxloud allows the Aste & Investimenti team to work wherever they want, thanks its Smartphone and PC Apps.
«I discovered Voxloud at a marketing conference and was impressed by the ease with which I could use the product wherever I went. With Voxloud, we can keep all calls under control and, if we fail to answer, we no longer lose a single one, thanks to VoiceMail. Moreover, the audio quality has considerably improved.
— Valerio Pisano, Aste & Investimenti CEO

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