How the start-up OFFLunch enabled its smart-working employees to communicate using Voxloud

OFFLunch is the first food delivery service specifically designed for office lunch breaks, offering a healthy, balanced and affordable daily menu, with punctual, free delivery. Its founder, Maurizio Pompili, after negative phone experiences in companies where he had worked previously, decided to use Voxloud shortly after founding OFFLunch, thereby allowing his employees to operate through smart working.


Minutes it took OFFLunch to create its own IVR


OFFLunch employees using Voxloud to make and receive calls


No more calls lost

Towards Voxloud

The path leading OFFLunch to Voxloud was quite short, as its founder, Maurizio Pompili, chose to switch to Voxloud shortly after setting up the company.

OFFLunch began with an idea by Moovenda, a leader in food delivery. The OFFLunch staff initially used premises provided by Moovenda, moving constantly between various offices. With his previous firm, Maurizio had to rely on a traditional phone company, and was always disappointed.

Each time he needed to activate or terminate a subscription or change operator, there were always 20 grey days, during which it was impossible to work using the phone.

All he could do was hope not to lose any customers and wait for the operator to complete the porting as soon as possible.

Moreover, the reason OFFLunch was reluctant to use a traditional operator was a particular experience Maurizio had had in his previous company with a Vodafone phone system.

The phone system was so complicated to set up that nobody was able to create a personalised IVR, and this would be absolutely unthinkable for OFFLunch. In the meantime, the moves to the various Moovenda offices continued. One day the OFFLunch crew would be in Milan, the next in Rome, and then in Sardinia.

So OFFLunch was constantly moving around and unable to install a landline phone system or opt for a traditional phone line.

OFFLunch was born from an idea by Moovenda, Italy’s largest food delivery organisation, to maximise profit by avoiding deliveries of single meals and combining as many meals as possible in a single delivery.

OFFLunch’s story started in Rome and then spread to Milan, focusing on larger offices with more employees.

Before Voxloud

  • No landline number provided to customers.
  • Impossibility of processing support tickets in good time due to calls by mobile phone.
  • No possibilities of smart working.

The transition to Voxloud

Fortunately, Maurizio, who came from the Startup world, had followed Voxloud’s acquisition by the multinational corporation Wildix with interest.

This encouraged him to try Voxloud in order to see if it could solve OFFLunch’s phone problems.

Shortly afterwards, he contacted Voxloud and, after a brief conversation with a Voxloud expert, he immediately started his trail period.

Maurizio was greatly surprised right from the start. With his previous company, he hadn’t been able to create a personalised IVR, whereas with Voxloud, he did it in just 10 minutes. In addition, with Voxloud, the OFFLunch staff have their own landline extensions, giving callers the impression that they each have their own personal office.

After just a few days of the trail period, OffLunch immediately decided to activate a Voxloud subscription.

By changing the phone system’s rules on the control panel, they were also finally able to manage days off, by simply transferring calls to another available operator.

Thanks to Voxloud’s multi-branch capabilities, the OFFLunch staff now work wherever they want, whether in the office or remotely.

With Voxloud

  • With Voxloud, OFFLunch can connect employees in Rome and Milan as if they are in the same office.
  • While still constantly moving from one office to another, they no longer have problems with landline numbers. They can now use a single number nationwide.
  • Thanks to Voxloud, OFFLunch can now give the impression that each user with an extension number has their own office.
«As we were moving continuously from one Moovenda office to another, we wanted to use Voxloud in order not to activate/terminate or transfer the line each time, otherwise there is always a 20-day gap while transferring the landline.
Voxloud also allows us to manage days off properly. For example, when a colleague was on leave, we said nothing to anyone.
We simply changed the rules in the phone system to transfer the call to an employee available at that moment.
— Maurizio Pompili, OFFLunch CEO & Founder

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