How Vikey improved its customer care thanks to Voxloud, handing 80% more calls, allowing its employees to operate through smart working and offering customers continuous support, 7 days a week.

Vikey is an innovative technology service for holiday homes, B&Bs and hotels that allows guests to access their building and rooms with their own Smartphones, and facilitates guest management anywhere in the world. Due to the large number of customers, the company was no longer able to manage everything with a simple landline. So, it started looking for a partner that could help it to grow.


More calls


Vikey employees using Voxloud to make and receive calls


Calls handled every day

Towards Voxloud

Vikey and Voxloud’s paths crossed when Vikey’s customer call management reached full capacity.

Vikey was handling incoming and outgoing customer calls using a single landline. Thus, the amount of calls it could receive was very limited, especially during a period of such exponential growth.

Vikey was growing very quickly and its technology was spreading rapidly to accommodation facilities all over Italy.

Inevitably, this increase in customers also led to more requests for support. Handling thousands of customers with a single landline started to become problematic.

With one line, the Vikey customer care service was unable to handle simultaneous calls, so it could only assist one customer at a time.

There were also other problems.

As incoming calls increased, so did the number of outgoing calls!

For example, it was often necessary to call customers back on their mobile numbers, and, without a flat rate subscription, each call was obviously charged. With a large number of calls made each day, the charges multiplied and Vikey’s phone costs increased considerably.

In fact, Vikey was handling about 120 calls a day, between incoming and outgoing calls.

It was time to find a solution for its business call management that would allow the company to resolve these problems and continue growing steadily.

Founded in 2016, Vikey is the brainchild of one of the two founders, who previously managed holiday homes.

He was looking for a way to automise check ins. The idea led to the development of Vikey, which allows holiday homes, hotel rooms and guest houses to be opened remotely and online management of the entire administrative aspect, such us sending documents and the payment of tourist tax.

Thanks to Vikey, the host can manage everything remotely, even from abroad as everything is controlled from a Smartphone. The host can even allow guests to be autonomous, giving them the possibility to enter the accommodation by themselves.

Before Voxloud

  • One landline + several mobile numbers given to customers. Impossibility of receiving more than one call at a time.
  • Impossibility of receiving more than one call at a time.
  • No possibility of forwarding calls to Vikey employees.
  • Difficulty providing customer support 7 days a week without using personal devices (mobile phones, landlines), as the team was away from the office during weekends.

The transition to Voxloud

At the suggestion of a co-working office Vikey had previously shared before moving to its new offices, the company decided to try Voxloud and start the trail period.

After a fast initial set up of the cloud phone system, the results were amazing. Firstly, it was finally possible to manage simultaneous technical support requests from customers.

This enabled Vikey to significantly raise its level of customer care. In addition, it was finally possible to forward calls to a colleague better situated to solving the problem.

The capability of making and receiving calls from anywhere allowed to Vikey team to operate through smart working, ensuring customers continuous support 7 days a week.

Satisfied with the trail period and the positive solution the company had found for its phone system, the Vikey team immediately opted for the most suitable Voxloud plan for their business needs.

The company soon realised that with Voxloud, calls to mobile numbers would no longer be a problem, thanks to its flat rate subscription.

So, they decided to immediately activate the Voxloud Business plan.

To date, thanks to Voxloud, the Vikey team is handling 80% more calls per day than previously, and saving about €200 per month thanks to the flat rate subscription, which also covers calls to mobile numbers.

All Vikey’s employees have the opportunity to operate through smart working wherever they are, using Voxloud on the VoIP landline and through the Smartphone app.

With Voxloud

  • Vikey has increased its volume of calls handled by 80%.
  • Calls can now be forwarded to Vikey employees.
  • Vikey staff can now receive calls wherever they are, thanks to Voxloud’s Smartphone and PC apps, which have opened the doors to the possibility of smart working.
  • Vikey has said goodbye to expensive bills thanks to Voxloud’s flat rate subscription.
«An innovative startup like Vikey needs the support of a technological partner like Voxloud, which has innovated the market.
With Voxloud, we can finally receive calls, even remotely, which gives us the option of smart working.
This also allows us to offer continuous support to our customers, 7 days a week.
Our customer care can also receive calls to the office landline by mobile phone. We can thus talk with more potential customers as there are more available lines. We are now 80% more efficient than before.»
— Luca Barnardoni, Vikey CEO and Co-Fouder

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