How Smarty cloud management speeded up its processing of support tickets by 40%, giving customers an impression of professionalism at the level of a large company

Smarty is a management system for online vendors that integrates perfectly with leading and well-known sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay, ePrice and Spartoo, as well as with E-commerce, keeping track of all information. A huge growth in business led its CEO to increase its customer support staff. At the same time, he began looking for a service that would allow support requests to be processed more quickly, without providing a mobile number, which was not very professional.


Faster processing of support tickets


New single landline number for all technical support requests


Smart working employee handling technical support

Towards Voxloud

The journey that brought Smarty to Voxloud began when its founder, Tommaso de Luca, after huge customer growth, was faced with the problem of how to provide technical support. Up to that moment, in fact, he had always worked alone, covering as many roles as possible.

However, the product worked, customers arrived and so did the technical support calls. Smarty was soon operating at full capacity and Tommaso was happy to start searching for an employee to handle the customer care department.

The search for the new customer care employee soon bore fruit. Tommaso found the right person for the job and everything was looking good.

However, this ideal person lived at quite a distance from Smarty’s offices and had to work remotely through smart working.

The collaboration began well, but soon a new problem arose. The phone number Smarty had always given its customers was a mobile number, which often led to bothersome calls arriving over the weekend or at unlikely hours.

Even at 10.00 pm, while Tommaso was at home with his family, recharging his batteries, he would often receive calls from customers in difficulty.

It was now more than a one-man company and receiving calls by mobile phone, aside from being unprofessional, was unsustainable.

It was time for Smarty to make a leap in quality, in a certain sense teaching its customers to respect the company, which was increasingly becoming a reference point in its sector on the national scene.

This was the “spark” that finally brought Smarty to Voxloud.

Smarty is a management system for online vendors that integrates perfectly with leading and well-known sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay, ePrice and Spartoo, as well as with E-commerce, keeping track of all information.

It was thought up by Tommaso De Luca in 2012 when, while working with an E-Commerce business as product developer, he realised that a complete management system to handle all aspects of this business sector did not exist.

He therefore combined a management system for bookshops that he had created two years earlier with the E-Commerce world, expanding and refining all its logistic, bureaucratic and statistical aspects and implementing integrations with the leading and best-known online sales and E-Commerce platforms.

The result was the birth of Smarty, a software package that combines several products in one single solution.

Before Voxloud

  • No landline number provided to customers.
  • Incapacity to process support tickets in good time due to calls on mobile phone.
  • Impossibility of smart working.

The transition to Voxloud

Fortunately, Tommaso had a friend who was an entrepreneur like him.

This friend was successfully using Voxloud for his company and when he heard of Smarty’s situation, already operating at full capacity in terms of customer support, he encouraged Tommaso to try Voxloud, which he wouldn’t regret. A few hours after this conversation, Smarty immediately began its trail period.

After a very quick initial set up, the results soon arrived and were amazing. The speed at which support tickets were processed was considerably higher, increasing by 40%.

Thanks to Voxloud, Smarty was now able to “educate” its customers, only receiving support calls during working hours by setting up opening and closing hours on the control panel.

Thus, the ground rules were laid to build up a company. It was no longer possible to think like a freelancer, taking customers’ calls even on Saturdays and Sundays.

This gave the company a more professional image in the eyes of its customers, by properly channelling the flow of calls to technical support or administration, and finally put an end to calls at 8.00 pm or weekends.

With Voxloud, Smarty has been able to professionally share the delicate area of technical support with its employee working remotely. It is all done from two separate places, thanks to Voxloud’s Multi-Branch capability.

With Voxloud

  • Smarty has speeded up the processing of technical support requests by 40%.
  • It has enhanced its perception of professionalism among customers by giving them a landline instead of a mobile number.
  • It has allowed customer care calls to be forwarded to smart-working operator.
  • Smarty has “educated” its customers, allowing support calls to be received only during working hours.
«With Voxloud, callers can’t believe we are just 2 people.
I think its strength is ease of use during the start-up phase. Voxloud allows you to use it immediately; it’s intuitive and, as I said, you really can use it at once.
Personally, once I'd found a simple, functional solution like this, I had no reason to look for any alternative.
— Tommaso de Luca, Smarty CEO

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