How Wash Out speeded up its customer care response time by 30% thanks to Voxloud, allowing its employers to also work remotely

Wash Out is a home car and motorcycle washing service that lets you save time for other things. The washing process uses 100% eco-friendly, water-free products, which allows the service to be provided even in public streets, without leaving residues on the ground. After numerous problems with the technical support of the phone operator they were using, the company began to look for a cloud phone service that could offer greater stability and mobility.


Improvement in customer care response time


Phone Lines


Employers now able to operate also through smart working

Towards Voxloud

Wash Out came across Voxloud at a time when it had started growing exponentially.

Within the space of 2 years, the company had grown from 5 to 20 office staff and over 40 washers.

As Wash Out is a service based on a Smartphone app, customer service availability 7 days a week became an essential key element.

Wash Out was relying on a British VoIP operator who provided the company with an Italian number. At first, everything seemed to be fine.

However, when the company started growing and the phone extensions were increased due to the new staff, problems began to appear.

The British phone operator did not provide adequate technical support. Problems arose due to the addition of phone extensions, as well as service disruptions that took days to resolve. In addition, there was also the problem of availability 7 days a week.

The Wash Out app can be used 7 days a week and customers also expect adequate technical support 7 days a week.

However, with the current phone operator, this was not possible. In fact, mobility was limited due to the lack of a Smartphone app that would let the employees operate remotely also at weekends, through smart working.

At this point, Christian Padovan, the company’s CEO, started looking in earnest for a cloud phone system that could properly meet Wash Out’s needs.

Wash Out began in Milan, in 2017, from an idea of 3 friends: Christian Padovan, Andrea Galassi and Alessandro Morlin.

Wash Out is a car and motor cycle washing service at home or on public streets, through a proprietary app, available for iOS and Android.

The washing is done using “waterless”, environment-friendly products that wash cars without leaving residues on the ground, providing totally dry cleaning. Winner of the “BHeros” talent award for the best Italian startup, Wash Out now has over 20 office staff and 40 washers.

Before Voxloud

  • British VoIP phone operator not providing sufficient telephone support.
  • No possibility to operate through smart working due to the lack of a Smartphone app to let employees answer calls wherever they are.

The transition to Voxloud

After a thorough examination of what the market had to offer, Christian found Voxloud and immediately starts his trial period.

After setting up the phone system quickly and easily, Christian knew that he had probably found what he was looking for.

He soon realised that the Smartphone and PC apps would allow Wash Out employees to work wherever they were. This already resolved most of the problems.

It was finally possible to operate through smart working 7 days a week, without being tied to a fixed location, thanks to Voxloud’s Multi-Branch capability.

Moreover, thanks to Voxloud, support tickets could be processed considerably faster, in 30% less time.

With Voxloud

  • Wash Out has speeded up the processing of technical support requests by 30%.
  • Thanks to their Smartphone and PC apps, Wash Out employees can now operate through smart working wherever they are.
«I found Voxloud after a long search on the market, trying to find the best cloud phone system for our business.
Voxloud has given us flexibility and freedom in the choice of device from which to use the service, as not all operators have an app or the possibility of using a VoIP phone anywhere.
For example, some of our guys may happen to be working remotely at the weekend and, with Voxloud, they can do so as if they were in the office.
Voxloud has made a significant impact on the growth of our customer care, speeding up response time by 30%. Ensuring that customers are able to talk to someone within a short time is something we cannot do without.»
— Christian Padovan, Wash Out Founder & CEO

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