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Choose VoIP phones certified by Voxloud to call in comfort from your desk, for a small monthly cost!

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Why choosing Voxloud VoIP telephones?


It’s all included in the monthly fee: assistance, Kasko insurance and guarantee! You don’t have any responsibility except that of using the equipment in the right setting.

They're ready to use

Voxloud VoIP telephones are already configurated and ready to use. When you receive the, just unwrap the box and plug them to the mains cable. You can immediately start calling and receiving calls with your Voxloud Phone System!

Unique features

Cutting-edge technology with no effort. Among the various features you’ll have: call pick-up, it means you can answer to the call directed to another user and control the presence (busy, free, incoming call) from your Voxloud telephone!

Enjoy the savings

You have the latest and state-of-the-art equipment with no additional costs. Moreover, we remove totally installation costs that you should pay to a technician and we remove technical support’s costs because we give it to you, already included in the price.

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