Make the portability of your land line. It's Free!

With Voxloud the portability of your actual land line is always free. Do you have more than one? Bring them free too!

Bring your number, it's Free

How to make the portability in Voxloud?

Technical and administrative times

The time required for your landline’s portability in Voxloud is around 3 weeks, during which the contract with the previous supplier must be active. All the services annexed to the line (fax, adsl, fibre) will be deactivated at the moment of the migration.

Try now Voxloud with your land line

1. Activate Voxloud subscription and you will have an assigned phone number (with the prefix of your choice). 2. Set the call forwarding to the Voxloud landline number, assigned to you for free during the subscription and there you have it!