Discover how BraianTech went from an average of 10 days for a traditional installation to just 48 hours with the Voxloud cloud phone system

Valerio Brai is the IT manager of BraianTech, a young expanding company that deals with IT consultancy for companies. Their philosophy has always been to take care of the customer at 360°, selling complete “turnkey” services and making him loyal with total assistance: programming, installation and management of software systems, with a keen eye on new safety devices, like those of video surveillance.

In short, BraianTech is like a technological inventor who gives life, shapes and inserts his creatures into the outside world so that they can continue to exist in other realities.

For this they need partners who offer high-quality products ready for use: to support their brilliant intuitions they must use efficient systems that do not waste time.

A prime example of a waste of time? Traditional business phone systems, of course!


The time saved for the installation of the switchboard for customers (from 10 days to 48 hours).


More tickets processed thanks to the Voxloud cloud phone system


Savings on the bills of BraianTech customers who have chosen Voxloud as their cloud phone system


Towards Voxloud

In the past, Valerio found himself working with both the latter and the first with VoIP technology: they all had to be configured following the customer’s directives and certainly those hours could be used in a more fruitful way for the company… Maybe refining the strategies of marketing or inventing new, great software!

Another difficulty encountered was precisely that of guaranteeing his company optimal visibility that would allow him to acquire new customers, given that he did not have much time to devote to marketing campaigns and social networks.

Furthermore, Valerio had never considered other business opportunities to expand the boundaries of his business and consequently his turnover. Voxloud allowed him to do this.


partnership_with_voxloudThe partnership with Voxloud

Thanks to the discovery of Voxloud, Valerio was therefore able to illustrate to his customers the advantages that he himself found, after having been our customer for about a year. First of all, he found an ingenious solution in the Cloud PBX because it does not include any hardware equipment, if not any phones. And all rigorously already configured according to specific needs.

The days of traditional switchboards to be programmed from scratch are over!

During the weeks of lockdown caused by the Coronavirus of 2020, many companies were forced to have their employees work from home and for Valerio this translated into the possibility of discovering how simple it was to exploit the potential of Voxloud.

The problems that Valerio managed to solve with Volxoud

It was simply enough to download the app on his personal mobile phone to be immediately “hooked” to his internal work number and by connecting the telephone line of the office to the internet at home he was able to work in complete autonomy, managing to successfully evade 100% of smart working requests from its customers.

problems_solve with VoxloudNo discomfort, not even a closing day thanks to Voxloud!

So simple and immediate, it was impossible not to tell his customers about it!

Among those who in turn showed enthusiasm for the same reasons, emblematic was the case of a company with offices both in Rome and in Benevento: through Voxloud, figures such as the CEO and the members of the secretariat were able to communicate and work effectively despite being in their respective homes miles away.

Product assistance was another problem that Valerio has seen solved in an efficient but also more humane way, compared to the large telephone companies: the support he needs is received quickly and from an expert person, without having to rely on pre-recorded discs. or dispersive call centers.

We all know how frustrating it is to have tens of minutes on the phone, perhaps with a technical problem to be solved urgently, by pressing the 1, 5 or 9 key and then discovering that maybe the line drops or we have the wrong internal: the nightmare of individuals and above all of companies.

All these advantages, Valerio found them, which is absolutely not negligible, at very affordable costs.

BraianTech has thus gone from an average of 10 days for a traditional installation to just 48 hours with the Voxloud cloud phone system: a considerable time saving (80% less), also considering the absence of transfers and overtime hours for requests. for off-site technical interventions, thanks to direct access to the switchboard from the Voxloud web panel.

The company’s internal productivity has consequently increased, counting over 30% more tickets processed and these advantages have also been reflected in its customers, who have achieved an average saving of 43% on their bills thanks to the unique Voxloud offer: almost half compared to the previous managers!

For a dynamic company like BraianTech, receiving the most from a partner company, both from the practical and the human side, has resulted in being able to guarantee the same things to its customers as it has always set itself, from start to finish.

«Thanks to the Voxloud Cloud Phone System we were able to go from an average of 10 days to installation, for a traditional hardware switchboard, to about 48 hours. A significant time saving that allowed us to focus on important aspects of our company.»
— Valerio Brai, BraianTech IT Manager

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