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Find out how One Fiber has increased new customers by +30% with Voxloud

One Fiber is a company that offers high value added consulting and internet services. The company was born from the synergy of the two founders, Alessandro Mastrangelo and Lorenzo Zanin, professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and network infrastructures.

What makes One Fiber unique is the ability to find the best solution for its customers, managing to combine costs optimization and the highest quality standards, thanks to direct partnerships and a business model without intermediaries.

Today One Fiber is the national agency for the development of ultra-broadband (both via FTTH optical fiber and FTTR fiber / radio), has 3 regional offices and covers 20 Italian regions.


Increase in new One Fiber customers thanks to Voxloud

120 minutes

Time taken by One Fiber to configure the switchboard for customers, instead of the days necessary to activate other switchboards.

Up to 90%

Savings for One Fiber customers with Voxloud

Passare a VoxloudTowards Voxloud

From the very beginning Lorenzo and Alessandro saw the potential of VoIP and the cloud. In fact, this service integrates perfectly into the One Fiber offer but above all it aligns with the company’s philosophy: to bring costs optimization with the identification of the best telephone operator and the best contractual proposal, creating a mix of high value solutions. added.

What makes One Fiber unique is precisely the management of the evolution process of the network and telecommunications infrastructure: Lorenzo and his team are not limited only to offering internet services, but are involved in managing the entire phase of technological change, bringing a 360 ° solution for the customer, in order to make the transition as simple and smooth as possible.

In this process, the Voxloud cloud PBX was the trump card that allowed One Fiber to reach even more customers and to digitally evolve businesses without worrying about annoying disservices or infinite configurations.

Indeed, Voxloud’s configuration is so simple that many One Fiber customers have done it themselves, allowing the company to focus even more on customer acquisition.

One Fiber Partner Voxloud

partnership voxloudThe partnership with Voxloud

Here’s how Lorenzo Zanin defines the collaboration with Voxloud:

“With Voxloud we have much more than just a business relationship. It is a real strategic collaboration with a partner and a solution without which I could not continue my business “.

With Voxloud, Lorenzo and One Fiber have found the completion of a 360 ° activity that starts from an initial technological check-up to the proposal of the best (and cheapest) solution for customers. Voxloud thus allowed One Fiber to offer its customers a solution that satisfies 4 fundamental criteria in this sector: excellent fixed telephony, an easy and intuitive virtual switchboard, costs optimization, increased efficiency.

By offering these two services, both connectivity and Voxloud, Lorenzo and One Fiber are able to complete their consultancy activity 100%.

problems solved by VoxloudThe advantages of Voxloud for One Fiber

This strategic synergy has thus allowed One Fiber to increase the acquisition of new customers by +30%, thanks to the advantages of Voxloud for companies but also thanks to the ease of management and activation of the Voxloud cloud PBX.

But this is not the only advantage of the partnership with Voxloud.

In fact, thanks to a commission plan that is among the most profitable in the entire telecommunications market, Lorenzo can count on fixed, secure and schedulable income. This advantage is made even more valuable thanks to the benefits achieved from the Voxloud’s certification, thanks to which Lorenzo and One Fiber constantly receive new qualified potential customers in their area of business to whom sells Voxloud and other services.

In fact, “One of the biggest challenges in this industry is to be able to find a potential customer who is really interested. The Voxloud Partner Program and certification allow us to eliminate this problem and manage only potential customers who are really interested and ready to buy”.

These are the characteristics of the Voxloud Partner Program that have allowed Lorenzo and One Fiber to:

– Increase new customers by + 30%

– Spend only 2 hours configuring the switchboard for your customers

– I would allow its customers to save up to 90% on telecommunications expenses

One Fiber Partner Voxloud
«With Voxloud we have much more than just a business relationship. It is a real strategic collaboration with a partner and a solution without which I could not continue my business»
lorenzo zanin one fiber voxloud
— Lorenzo Zanin, Consultant and Founder of One Fiber

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