MediaPhone caso di successo Partner Voxloud

Find out how Media&Phone increased revenue by +10% with the Voxloud Partner Program

Media&Phone is a telephony and IT company active since January 2012, founded by Spartak, an entrepreneur active in the telecommunications and network infrastructure sector for over 10 years.

The company mainly deals with connectivity (radio links, connectivity, fiber), with the aim of providing its customers not only with excellent services, but also with first-class advice and assistance.


Increase of tickets processed by Media & Phone thanks to Voxloud


Increase in Media & Phone productivity thanks to Voxloud


Increase in revenue thanks to the Voxloud Partner Program

Towards Passare a VoxloudVoxloud

Spartak decides that the time has come for a renewal in its company, especially with regard to telephony services. In fact, for a company like Media&Phone, the phone system is essential for managing its business, both for managing customers and for finding new ones.

At the time, Media&Phone had an analog telephone phone system, with all the limitations of the case (such as the management of the hardware necessary for its operation, maintenance and assistance interventions, licenses and any functions to be added – or removed – time by time).

Spartak was not satisfied at all with the traditional phone system in the company.

In fact, this now old system slowed down the expansion of its business.

Just think that it is not possible to customize the phone system according to your needs: no opening and closing times to communicate to the customer when he calls, no customized IVR function.

In short, a system that is not very usable and not suitable for the historical period in which we currently find ourselves.

No less important is the contractual aspect of the traditional Media&Phone phone system, whereby the telephone operator chosen by Spartak periodically and inexplicably increases the rate, despite the fact that the service provided is mediocre and inflexible.

Based on these non-functional services, Spartak decides to change operator and switch to something more flexible and economical

Spartak begins to inquire and understand in more detail how cloud phone systems work. Thus, he comes up with a list of possible options to choose from (and there are so many!).

However, Spartak is not satisfied either with the available functions or with the purchase methods and prices of cloud phone systems solutions currently available on the market.

These are often either the phone systems of large operators adapted to work in the cloud, or phone systems that were not created for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as Media&Phone.

But Spartak decides not to give up until one day, finally manages to find the solution to all the problems and inefficiencies encountered so far with traditional phone systems: the Voxloud cloud phone systems.

MediaPhone caso di successo Partner Voxloud

The partnership voxloudpartnership with Voxloud

Thanks to Voxloud, Spartak first of all found in the Cloud phone system a sensational solution because it was able to create its phone system according to its needs. It might seem like a foregone conclusion in today’s world, where even the simplest services can be configured to suit your needs. But in the world of phone systems this is not the case at all …

In fact, many phone systems did not have the IVR option (Interactive Voice Response, i.e. the ability to use a recorded voice to build an interactive menu during the call) and this aspect did not confer professionalism to the company. The opening and closing times are very popular with customers and thanks to Voxloud, entering them was a breeze.

Voxloud cloud phone system in three words? Easy, intuitive and comfortable!

In just 59 seconds you can activate everything from your PC and start managing your company from anywhere in the world.

One step more…

Voxloud’s cloud phhone system has changed the way Spartak works so positively that the entrepreneur decided that he absolutely had to make it known to his customers.

And the Voxloud Partner program offered him just that possibility, coupled with the opportunity to generate income thanks to the highest commissions in the telecommunications field.

Spartak therefore did not think twice and immediately contacted Giulio, the referent of the Voxloud Partner program, to immediately become an official Voxloud Partner and immediately start earning.

With the Partner program, Voxloud has thus allowed Media&Phone to offer its customers and future customers a cloud phone system solution that was finally easy to use, cost-optimized and capable of increasing the efficiency of the company itself.

problems solved by VoxloudThe advantages offered by Voxloud for Media&Phone

Voxloud proved to be the winning choice for Spartak, because in this way it not only equipped its company with an efficient and easy-to-use cloud phone system, but was also able to offer it to its customers and potential customers, making money.

This partnership turned out to be a real alliance between Media&Phone and Voxloud, in which Spartak found the perfect interlocutor (and Partner) to increase sales and offer the market a phone system that is truly different from the others on the market.

Thanks to Voxloud we have the possibility to use the phone system from a PC or directly from a smartphone, fulfilling all support requests with maximum flexibility of use. The Voxloud phone system has increased the productivity of my company and is a very reliable product that allows you to manage your company with maximum flexibility wherever you are.



It is these characteristics of the Voxloud Partner Program that have allowed Media&Phone to:

– Increase turnover by +10%
– Fulfill tickets faster than +50
– Increase productivity by +30%

MediaPhone caso di successo Partner Voxloud
«The Voxloud cloud phone system has increased the productivity of my company and is a very reliable product that allows you to manage your company with maximum flexibility wherever you are. Thanks to the Partner program, you can access interesting recurring earning opportunities.»
spartak kola
— Spartak Kola, Media&Phone founder

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