How Aste & Investimenti used Voxloud to avoid losing calls, increasing potential customers by +30% each month

Aste & Investimenti is composed of a group of professionals working in the real estate market for over 20 years, offering to the customer a complete service on auction, from the research of the estate to its adjudication. During a marketing conference, the CEO of the enterprise sees in Voxloud the definitive phone solution to trace all customer acquisition channels.


Monthly increase of potential interested customers


Phone Lines


No potential customer lost anymore

Towards Voxloud

Aste & Investimenti has a primary goal: the customer’s centrality.

Going deeply, the company totally sustains the customer who wants to invest in estates, taking him by the hand and going with him through the entire long procedure of an estate auction.

But lately, with the increase of real estate’s opportunities published on several Websites, satisfying all potential customers’ requests is getting harder.

As a matter of fact, Aste & Investimenti publishes several advertisements on the most important Italian estate portals like:,,, etc.

Potential customers, that are investors interested in purchasing through foreclosure auction, can get in contact with the company using the landline number inserted in the ad.

The first problem is that there’s only one contact number inserted in each portal.

Consequently, calls contemporaneity is impossible. If a potential customer calls and finds the line busy, the probability that he doesn’t call back and gives up is extremely high.

It doesn’t take too much to understand that this is a huge loss of potential revenue for the company.

Moreover, since Aste & Investimenti publishes ads with the same phone number on different estate portals, it isn’t able to trace which portal works better.

Valerio Pisano, CEO of Aste & Investimenti, realizes that the phone department of his enterprise is organized in a quite messy way.

It’s time to bring order.

Born in 2016, it’s group composed of a group of professionals working in the real estate market for over 20 years.

Aste & Investimenti follows the customer from the day one, when the latter approaches to the world of estate auctions. The company offers a complete support service, from the research of the estate to its adjudication, passing through all process’ phases.

Before Voxloud

  • A single phone number provided to customers.
  • Impossibility to receive more calls at the same time.
  • Impossibility to understand which portal calls arrive from (,,, etc…).

The transition to Voxloud

During a marketing conference, the CEO of Aste & Investimenti knows Voxloud, who’s the sponsor of the event.

Valerio, intrigued by the Cloud Phone System’s features and by the benefits that come with it, starts realizing that probably it can be the definitive solution to his business telephony.

The possibility to receive more calls at the same time, encourages Valerio to try Voxloud straight away.

Back in the office, once the event is finished, immediately starts Voxloud’s trail period.

Voxloud free trial goes full steam ahead.

So much that Valerio decides to instantly activate the Voxloud Business subscription and add another number in order to trace better his customer acquisition channels.

Thanks to the VoiceMail service, if a call isn’t answered in time, now it isn’t lost anymore, and so neither any potential customer.

As a matter of fact, the team immediately know who’s calling. Even if they fail to answer, they instantly receive to the mail box always monitored, the messages left on VoiceMail, both in text format and .mp3 format.

Then Aste & Investiment has set up Voxloud Phone System with 3 new phone numbers in order to trace better every portal it uses.

Last but not least, today Aste & Investimenti’s team works wherever they are thanks to Voxloud’s App available for Smartphone and Desktop.

The final result gained by the employment of Voxloud Phone System is a potential customers’ increase by +30% each month, not losing a call anymore.

With Voxloud

  • Aste & Investimenti has increased potential customers by +30% each month.
  • Thanks to Voxloud’s VoiceMail, even if the team fails to answer, no more calls are lost.
  • Voxloud has allowed Aste & Investimenti’s team to work everywhere they want thanks to the Apps available for Smartphone and Desktop.
«I knew Voxloud at a marketing conference and I’ve been impressed by the ease with which I can use the product wherever I am.
With Voxloud we have the opportunity to keep under control all the calls and, if we fail in answer, thanks to VoiceMail, we don’t lose a call anymore. Moreover, audio quality has considerably improved.»
— Valerio Pisano, Aste & Investimenti CEO

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