How Delleonde increased its revenue by +20% thanks to Voxloud, without losing a call from potential customers anymore

Delleonde is an enterprise owner of 2 brands: one specialized in the food supplement field and the other in the cosmetic field. After a dramatic experience with a TIM traditional Phone System which restricted call flows rather than make them grow, the company decided to change seeking out the best Cloud Phone System in the Italian marketplace.


Increase of revenue thanks to Voxloud


Phone Lines


Customers lost every month

Towards Voxloud

Voxloud and Delleonde meet when this latter begins to have problems with its TIM traditional Phone System regarding incoming calls.

As a matter of fact, Delleonde uses the Phone System a lot. The phone is its core business.

Every day Delleonde has several hours available in different northern Italy or national TV channels where it broadcasts advertising spots explaining the features of the products it sells.

The customer who calls the overlay numbers, often calls to buy and not to have some information.

Therefore, each call that’s lost is more than the loss of a potential customer since here we talk about a real loss of sales (in 90% of the cases.

The current traditional Phone System is too complicated to set up and it has also problems with incoming calls.

Many calls never make it or the phone rings but on the other end of the phone you hear nothing.

Such a situation is no longer bearable.

Moreover, there aren’t essential functions like the event log to analyze what works or doesn’t in the different TV spots.

Fortunately, despite all these problems, the enterprise grows a lot.

Stefano, Delleonde’s CEO, realizes it’s time to look for something else in terms of phone services.

It’s necessary to keep on growing in the best way possible, trying to improve Delleonde’s work and that of its employers.

Delleonde is a business born in 2016 initially as a consulting firm in the development of a product, processes and strategy.

After the opening of the enterprise, its CEO Stefano has founded 2 brands, one specialized in the food supplement field and the other in the cosmetic field.

The 2 brands use 2 non-physic sales channels: TV world and e-commerce. The trend has been positive from the start; as a matter of fact, the volume growth has never gone down under 10% since the first year.

Before Voxloud

  • Phone setup with TIM traditional Phone System forwards calls at will and sometimes it doesn’t forward them at all.
  • Absence of receipt of some calls and impossibility to receive different calls at the same time.
  • Absence of an event log and impossibility to analyze incoming call flows during TV spots.
  • Impossibility to work in Smart Working from home due to the lack of mobile Apps in order to handle with telephony.

The transition to Voxloud

Delleonde collaborates with a company which uses Voxloud and, after having known all the problems, this latter suggests Stefano to try it.

Immediately after this conversation, Stefano, tired of too many phone issues of its business, decides to try Voxloud and instantly starts his trail period.

Straight away he notices that he can finally control call flows thanks to Voxloud’s event log.

Moreover, continuing to explore the Cloud Phone System’s features, he realizes that it can be used everywhere, thanks to Voxloud’s ability to be Multi-branch.

Then, he decides to please some employers who were asking to work in Smart Working and the choice turns out to be a success.

Happy and productive employers, phone line finally stable and calls that no longer fall.

After this test, Stefano decides to move to Voxloud definitively.

After few months, thanks to Voxloud, Delleonde has increased its revenue by about +20% without losing a call anymore.

Going deeply, besides revenue’s growth, thanks to the event log, Voxloud has permitted the analysis of received call flows, after every single advertising spot.

Thanks to this feature, to understand which TV spots worked and those that didn’t has been so much simpler.

With Voxloud

  • Thanks to Voxloud, Delleonde has increased its revenue by almost +20%.
  • Voxloud has permitted not to lose any incoming call anymore. This was a frequent problem with the previous Phone System.
  • Thanks to the event log feature, Delleonde can now analyze received call flows after every TV advertising spot and can understand which spot work and which one that doesn’t.
«Through the advice of another company we decided to try Voxloud and we’ve been able from the start to digitalize the entire process of sales, succeeding also in controlling every statistic aspect.
Voxloud has allowed us firstly not to lose any incoming call anymore, increasing our sales. Then it has given to our employers the possibility to work very efficiently in Smart Working.
Voxloud has increased so much our business image. Now we’re able to keep up with peaks of our customers’ calls, growing our revenue by +20%.
Moreover, we have been able to analyze deeply the data coming from TV campaigns. According to the flows, now we know perfectly what works and what that doesn’t and we’re able to maximize the efforts properly.
Voxloud’s assistance has enabled us a lot, giving always support in managing every improvement we wanted. It also made the difference in our choice. To date, I would never change Voxloud.»
— Stefano Rossi, Delleonde CEO

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