How Lecrai reduced its phone bill by 40% thanks to Voxloud, despite the employment of a Cloud Phone System even for international calls

Lecrai deals with spare’s production and trade for commercial vehicles. It’s an enterprise which is constantly evolving and turns its glaze to export to the global marketplace. After several problems with a traditional Telecom Phone System, the company starts seeking out a more flexible service, with clear costs and no surprises on the bill.


Phone cost decrease compared to the previous Operator


Lecrai’s employers use Voxloud to make and receive calls


Surprises in the bill

Towards Voxloud

Lecrai is a specialized enterprise in spare’s production for trucks and commercial vehicles and it works with lots of partners, both in Italy and abroad.

Voxloud and Lecrai’s paths connect after Lecrai’s total technological renovation.


Its commercial director, Francesco Mini, son of the founder Marcello, decides that’s the time for a total renovation of the management of partners’ orders.

Therefore, he declares that the renovation should concern also the excruciating traditional Telecom Phone System with that ridiculous contract.

Yes, ridiculous, because the last contract has been activated without Francesco’s agreement.

Lecrai has an analog Phone System with 10 inner numbers. But the entire team isn’t satisfied with the total functioning.

Just consider that’s impossible to receive a call directly to the own personal inner number or that’s impossible to forward calls to mobile numbers.

Therefore, it’s an antiquated system, not suitable to 2020, the current year.

Moreover, talking about the contract, Francesco has a Telecom contract which is constantly growing every 6 months, with an added number that has never been asked for.

For this reason, tired of thousands contractual problems and of several breakdowns during years, he decides to find another way for his business telephony.

He makes tests with some virtual Operators according to his needs, that are the possibility to receive calls directly to the own inner number, the possibility to forward calls to mobile numbers and, last but not least, the possibility to make calls abroad paying the real price.

As a matter of fact, Lecrai makes lots of export and, having several customers living abroad, it makes international calls using Skype, but this system results very intricate to teach to colleagues who are older than Francesco.

Anyway, these tests don’t give a positive result and Francesco isn’t satisfied neither with call quality nor with the pricing offered by these virtual Operators.

So he decides to seek out further a solution able to adapt to business’ needs and allowing to finally put the words “the end” to all phone problems.

Founded in 1976 by Marcello Mini, Lecrai is a specialized enterprise in spare’s production and trade for trucks and commercial vehicles.

To date, Lecrai’s products are exported in 5 continents and the company is first equipment’s producer for the most important international automakers.

Before Voxloud

  • Analog Phone System from Telecom with 10 inner numbers.
  • Impossibility to receive calls directly to inner numbers.
  • Telecom contracts with continuous price changes and activations of no requested options.

The transition to Voxloud

Francesco finds Voxloud after a Web research and gets in contact with a Voxloud expert, explaining what he needs.

Few minutes later, Lecrai immediately starts its trail period.

Once the Phone System is correctly set up, real examinations begin.

First of all, Francesco feels tangibly the definitive solution to direct calls, since with Voxloud it’s possible to receive calls directly to the own inner number, without passing through the IVR.

And not only this.

Francesco realizes that’s really easy making international calls.

As a matter of fact, just open Voxloud App and make the call as a normal local call, anything more simple to teach to elder colleagues.

Passed the initial test, Francesco decides to activate the Voxloud Business subscription for Lecrai, cutting phone costs by 40% compared to the previous Phone Operator.

Now Lecrai has finally reached a complete cost control, thanks to the Cloud Phone System. There aren’t any surprises at the end of the month and no extra costs to pay in the bill or activated subscriptions which have never been requested.

With Voxloud

  • Lecrai has saved by 40% compared to the previous Phone Operator.
  • It’s now possible to receive calls directly to the desired inner number.
  • A COMPLETE cost control has been reached and now, thanks to Voxloud, Lecrai knows what it pays for and it hasn’t surprises at the end of the month.
«With Voxloud our productivity has significantly increased and our bill has considerably decreased, by about 40%. Finally, we know what we pay for, above all HOW MUCH we pay for.
I like so much VoiceMail management; it allows us to accelerate in few minutes several business processes that before would have took many hours.
We make lots of international calls and now we make them directly with Voxloud, thanks to the prepaid credit. The great thing is that I don’t have to explain to my colleagues (who’s often very young) how to make calls with Skype or another App.
Now with Voxloud we have all in a single tool.
The difference between Voxloud and the highest-end phone companies, besides the service’s worth, is that Voxloud never leaves you at the mercy of events, Voxloud’s assistance always follows your enterprise step by step.»
— Francesco Mini, Sales Director Lecrai Srl

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