How Blue Insurance Broker increased its business image thanks to Voxloud, cutting its phone bill by 250€ monthly and putting in communication two offices located in two different floors

Blue Insurance Broker’s customers aren’t companies or physical person, but they’re other insurance intermediaries, agents and brokers who need to find insurance covers that in Italy cannot be found on foreign markets. Overwhelmed by 5 active phone contracts, the company started seeking out the best Cloud Phone System for its needs.


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Towards Voxloud

The path which has bring Blue Insurance Broker to Voxloud begins when one of its founders Walter Rubeo wants to solve one fly in the ointment in its management. That is business telephony.

As a matter of fact, Blue Insurance Broker has “inherited” the phone setup of a previous company belonging to the same group.

The phone setup is catastrophic, to say at least.

There are 5 active ADSL lines overlapping each other and a Telecom traditional Phone System.

The company wastes so much money on these active contracts.

Moreover, the traditional Phone System is old and obsolete, it’s impossible to use VoIP telephones and to add new inner numbers due to Phone System’s licenses.

Unfortunately, during the years, several breakdowns happen. For a company which wants to make its image show through correctly, remaining isolated from its customers for few days without having any telephone connection and waiting for the problem to be solved is not the best.

Blue Insurance Broker’s office is composed of several individual floors and this telephone staticity restricts so much even the smallest modification to the own phone system.

Therefore, the company starts to looking for the best Cloud Phone System for its needs.

Blue Insurance Broker s.r.l. was born in 2010 as a company belonging to a group.

It’s a “wholesale “brokerage enterprise, its customers aren’t companies or physical person, but they’re other insurance intermediaries, agents and brokers who need to find on foreign markets insurance covers that in Italy cannot be found.

Technically, even if it isn’t legally recognized, its figure calls whose sale.

It doesn’t mean the company retails but it works as wholesaler, “stoking up” other professionals, especially agents and insurance companies.

To date, Blue Insurance Broker has 11 employers and soon it will open a new branch outside Italy.

Before Voxloud

  • 5 ADSL and ISDN phone contracts + traditional analog Phone System; Impossibility to use VoIP phones due to the traditional Phone System’s licenses.
  • Impossibility to cost control because of too many active contracts which make impossible the total cost control.

The transition to Voxloud

After a long and scrupulous research, Walter finds Voxloud and decides to try it, provides its information and immediately starts trial period.

The company starts testing Voxloud in every possible circumstance.

Call quality should have been perfect and, after only 3 days of test, the company realizes that actually it is.

Moreover, Voxloud is totally adaptable to every business’ needs and permits the company to finally put into communication the office located in several floors thanks to the multi-branch feature.

According to Walter, the solution of years of problems of wrong business phone management has finally been found.

Thanks to Voxloud’s experts aid, Walter finds the appropriate setup for his company, leaving only the 2 active ADSL lines, closing the 3 remaining contracts and abandoning the old traditional Phone System.

So Walter decides to interrupt the trial period and to pass to Voxloud definitively.

Thanks to Voxloud’s experts the portability goes rapidly and once the Voxloud certified telephones arrive, Walter just plugs them in both offices and Blue Insurance Broker can immediately take advantage of all Phone System’s potentialities.

Intrigued by Voxloud’s ability to be Multi-Branch, Walter brings the phones home, just for fun. He plugs them in and realizes that all works perfectly even from there. All you need is an internet connection.

Therefore, Walter understands that Voxloud can work also with a view of the fact that Blue Insurance Broker will open a new detached branch and, thanks to Voxloud, the company will be ready in less than a minute.

With Voxloud

  • Voxloud has reorganized Blue Insurance Broker, allowing it to save 250€ monthly.
  • It has increased the business image, making Blue Insurance Broker’s customers realize that it’s an organized and structured company.
  • For Blue Insurance Broker’s employers, it’s now possible to work in Smart Working.
«We’ve chosen Voxloud to control our costs and we have been instantly impressed by the assistance’s functionality.
Soon after the first contact, Voxloud has been available and it make us understand where we were wrong telephonically. Thanks to Voxloud, today our quality calls is significantly improved.
With Voxloud, also our business image has improved. When someone called us, he feels a very messy structure from the point of view of telephony. Now he talks with a company divided into departments and well organized.
When our telephones arrive, I just plug them in, some downstairs and some upstairs and all works.
Then just for fun, a day I bring the phone home, I plug it in and it works even from there.
I said “ok… the mechanism can work…” also with a view of the fact that we will open a detached branch and this type of solution allows us to be telephonically ready in 2 minutes.»
— Walter Rubeo, Blue Insurance Broker CEO

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