How Vikey improved its Customer Care managing +80% more calls thanks to Voxloud, allowing its employers to work in Smart Working and giving 7 days a week assistance to its customers

Vikey is an innovative technology which offers to holiday house, B&B and Hotels’ guests the possibility to open both the entrance to the building and the apartment door directly from the Smartphone, supervising its own guests wherever in the world. Since the huge amount of customers, for the company managing all using a single landline was a problem. So it started searching for a partner able to follow its growth.


More calls


Vikey’s employers use Voxloud to make and receive calls


Calls managed every day

Towards Voxloud

Vikey and Voxloud’s paths meet when Vikey customers’ phone management goes full speed.

As a matter of fact, Vikey manages incoming and outgoing calls of its customers using a single landline

It follows that the amount of calls that can be received is very restricted, especially in a period of big rising like this.

Sure enough, Vikey grows very quickly and its technology rapidly spreads among its accommodation facilities in every part of Italy. Inevitably, to the customers’ increase follows the growth of support requests

With a single landline, thousands customers’ management starts to become a problem.

With a single landline, it’s not possible to receive more calls at the same time, so at the moment, Vikey’s Customer Care cannot aid more than a customer at a time.

But there are other problems.

If it’s true that incoming calls are growing, it’s also true for the outgoing ones!

For example, it often happens that the company has to call back a customer who has a mobile number. Without a flat subscription, obviously the call has a cost.

If we multiply that cost by the huge amount of calls that must be made every day, the expense for Vikey’s call management considerably increases.

As a matter of fact, Vikey makes about 120 calls a day, both incoming and outgoing calls.

It’s time to find a way to solve business calls management, allowing the company to keep growing smoothly and to sort out these problems.

Founded in 2016, Vikey is the brainchild of one of the two founders who previously managed a holiday house.

He was searching for a way to make the check in automatized.

From this idea, he develops Vikey which permits the remotely opening of holiday houses, hotels and the online management of the entire bureaucracy, such us sending documents and the payment of the tourist tax.

Thanks to Vikey the host can manage all remotely, even from abroad, since everything can be controlled from the Smartphone. Moreover, the host can make the guest independent giving him the opportunity to enter the house autonomously.

Before Voxloud

  • A landline + several mobile phones provided to customers.
  • Impossibility of receiving more calls at the same time.
  • Impossibility to forward calls among Vikey’s employers.
  • Difficulty in providing 7 days a week assistance to customers without using the company’s own devices (mobile phones, landlines), since during the weekend, the team is outside the office.

The transition to Voxloud

At the suggestion of the old co-working office Vikey leaned on before moving to new offices, the company decides to try Voxloud and start the trail period.

After a first quick set up of the Cloud Phone System, the results are amazing.

First of all, now it’s finally possible to manage technical support requests coming from customers simultaneously.

This allows Vikey to significantly raise its Customer Care’s level than before. Moreover, it’s finally possible to forward calls to a more appropriate colleague to solve the problem.

The possibility to make and receive calls wherever you are let Vikey’s team to work in Smart Working, guaranteeing to customers a 7 days a week continuous assistance.

Satisfied of the trail period and of the solution the company has found to its business telephony, Vikey’s team immediately chooses Voxloud’s most suitable plan for business needs.

The company soon realizes that, thanks to a flat subscription, with Voxloud, calls to mobile numbers won’t be a problem anymore. So it decides to instantly activate Voxloud Business plan.

To date, thanks to Voxloud, Vikey’s team can manage +80% more calls a day than before, saving about 200€ per month thanks to the flat subscription including also calls to mobile numbers.

All Vikey’s employers have the opportunity to work in Smart Working wherever they are using Voxloud both on the VoIP landline and through the Smartphone App.

With Voxloud

  • Vikey has increased the amount of managed calls by +80%.
  • Now it’s possible to forward calls among Vikey’s employers.
  • Today Vikey’s employers receive calls wherever they are thanks to Voxloud’s App for Smartphone and Desktop, opening the doors to the opportunity of work in Smart Working.
  • Vikey has said goodbye to expensive bills thanks to Voxloud’s flat subscription.
«An innovative startup like Vikey can only rely on a technological partner like Voxloud, which has innovated the marketplace.
With Voxloud we finally have the opportunity to take calls even remotely, in this way permitting the Smart Working.
Moreover, this also allows us to offer 7 days a week continuous assistance to our customers.
Our Customer Care can receive calls addressed to the office landline also on the mobile phone. Thereby, we can talk with more potential customers, since there are more available lines. We’re more efficient by +80% than before.»
— Luca Barnardoni, Vikey CEO and Co-Fouder

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