How Wash Out accelerated its Customer Care’s response time by 30% thanks to Voxloud, allowing its employers to work even remotely

Wash Out is a car and bike wash service at home that permits you to save time to do what you like. Washing process is made using waterless 100% ecological products, letting make the service also on public streets, without producing waste on the ground. After many problems with the technical assistance of the Phone Operator they relied on, the company starts seeking out a Cloud Phone service able to guarantee more stability and mobility.


Improvement of Customer Care’s response time


Phone Lines


Employers now able to work also in smart working

Towards Voxloud

Voxloud and Wash Out meet when this latter starts growing more and more exponentially.

As a matter of fact, within 2 years the company passes from 5 to 20 employers in offices and to over 40 Washers.

Being a service based on a Smartphone’s App, the availability 7 days a week of Wash Out Customer service becomes the essential key element.

Wash Out confides in an English VoIP operator who provides an Italian number to the company.

Initially everything seems to be fine, but when the company starts growing and so the inner employers due to new recruitments, first problems appear.

The English Phone Operator doesn’t provide an adequate technical support.

Problems due to the addiction of inner employers and even breakdowns solved after few days occur.

To these ones, there’s also the additional problem of the availability 7 days a week.

Wash Out App can be used 7 days a week and customers expect to receive an adequate technical support 7 days a week.

But with the current Phone Operator, this is not possible.

As a matter of fact, mobility results compromised because of the lack of a Smartphone App allowing employers to work also during the weekend in smart working, remotely.

It’s in this moment that the business CEO Christian Padovan starts scrupulously seeking out the best Cloud Phone System according to Wash Out’s needs.

Wash Out was born in 2017 from an idea of 3 Milanese friends: Christian Padovan, Andrea Galassi and Alessandro Morlin.

Wash Out is a service permitting to wash cars and bikes at home or on public streets, through their own App, available for iOS and Android.

The washing process is made using “waterless” products. They’re environment-friendly and allow to wash the car without leaving waste on the ground, making a total dry cleaning.

Awarded as the best startup of Italy winning the “BHeros” talent, now Wash Out has over 20 employers in offices and 40 Washers.

Before Voxloud

  • English virtual Phone Operator not guaranteeing adequate telephone support.
  • Impossibility to work in Smart Working because of the lack of Smartphone App allowing employers to answer the phone wherever they are.

The transition to Voxloud

After a long analysis of what marketplace offers, Christian finds Voxloud and immediately starts his trial period.

After the easy and quick set up of the Phone System, Christian realizes that probably he has found what he was looking for.

As a matter of fact, it won’t be long before he notices that, thanks to the Smartphone and Desktop Apps, Wash Out’s employers can work from anywhere.

Already this solves the majority of problems. Finally, it’s possible to work in Smart Working 7 days a week and not being in the same place, thanks to Voxloud’s ability to be Multi-Branch.

Moreover, thanks to Voxloud, the speed in processing support tickets is much greater, by +30% quicker.

With Voxloud

  • Wash Out has accelerated the processing of technical support’s requests by +30%.
  • Thanks to Smartphone and Desktop App Wash Out’s employers can work in Smart Working wherever they are.
«I found Voxloud after a long marketplace’s analysis, trying to choose the best Cloud Phone System for our enterprise.
Voxloud has given us flexibility and freedom to select the device to use the service from, since not all operators have the App and the possibility to use Voip phone everywhere.
For example, it may happen that during the weekend, some of our young employers work remotely but with Voxloud they can work as if they were in the office.
Voxloud has had a significant effect on our Customer Care’s growth, accelerating the response time by +30%.
Guaranteeing to a customer he can talk with someone in a short time is something we cannot do without.»
— Christian Padovan, Wash Out Founder & CEO

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