How Fare Impresa 24 cut its phone bill by 50% thanks to Voxloud, despite of the opening of a new office and the employment of over 30 collaborators

Fare Impresa 24 is the first business advisory firm in Italy exclusively with online operation. It’s the enterprise that manages the popular website The great growth of the company encouraged its CEO to seek out a service able to solve business communication problems and able to adapt the continuous company’s development. It was really important that the new system was easy to use, cost-effective and scalable as the company grew. Voxloud seemed the perfect solution and it immediately permitted to Fare Impresa 24 to save by 50% compared to the previous Phone Operator, guaranteeing ease and scalability, exactly what the company was searching for.


Of savings compared to the previous Phone Operator


headquarters 1000km away from each other finally linked


“Partitaiva24” qualified professionals who now call from their offices through Voxloud

Towards Voxloud

Fare Impresa 24’s journey towards Voxloud starts right after the opening of the second operating office in Sicily, since the main one in Milan can no longer contain the administrative and financial offices and consultants’ rooms.

The affiliation of over 30 professionals in the company’s network totally changes the ways of working.

As a matter of fact, the website is becoming the reference website for freelancers and Italian start uppers.

The CEO Roberto Scurto stars realizing that incoming and outgoing calls are managed in a too disorganized way.

There are too many contracts and telephone numbers at stake for each of the two branches, besides 30 professionals in their offices all over Italy with whom it’s necessary to immediately exchange information and consultations in order to process an excellent service to the customers.

The telephone contract of the office in Sicily, in Lombardy and mobile numbers of over 30 professionals all over Italy.

Not including that to each number a different telephone bill corresponds. It’s very often unintelligible since the company doesn’t have an event log and cannot control the huge amount of calls constantly growing every day.

As a matter of fact, is booming.

The requests to be called back by potential customers coming from the website are constantly growing and they cannot be correctly and efficiently managed (by telephone) in order to balance cost-benefits.

The numbers users leave hoping to be recalled for a first consultation are 90% mobile numbers.

Therefore, the last problem is the lack of a flat subscription for mobile numbers, which obliges the company to pay heavy bills to different traditional phone companies.

In this situation, the outlay control is impossible since a call can last <strong> 5 minutes or an hour.

It’s time to find a solution permitting the company to grow with its rhythm and adapting to business growth, not vice versa.

The impossibility to install a physical Phone System, due to the long distance between the two branches, and due to a network made of professionals scattered all over Italy paves the way to the tests of Voip phone service such as Blueface and Messagenet.

But, after the test period, the value for money of the service isn’t that expected. The definitive solution has to be found immediately.

Founded in 2012, it’s the leader enterprise in Italy in the processing of online services for those who want to start their own business through the famous website

Fare Impresa 24’s specialized consultants are assigned according to the type of activity conducted or that you want to conduct.

For example, if a customer wants to open a VAT number for E-commerce, he will always and only talk with skilled professionals in E-commerce.

Fare Impresa 24 takes the customer by the hand and leads him directly to the result, following him through all the process to finally become entrepreneur or freelance

Before Voxloud

  • Impossible cost control due to too many outgoing calls towards mobile numbers and too many phone contracts.
  • Impossibility to forward calls between the two branches (Sicily and Lombardy).
  • Impossibility to forward calls to the expert throughout Italy.

The transition to Voxloud

For Fare Impresa 24’s team a new research phase starts again.

Within few minutes, they find a name: Voxloud.

After a quick look on the website exploring the Cloud Phone System’s features, they decide to try it immediately. It’s no longer time to wait!

Therefore, they activate the 15-days free trial.

During the free trial, the discovery of the different features generates a great initial astonishment because now it’s possible to put in communication the two branches located on opposite sides of Italy. All of this thanks to the Voxloud’s ability to be Multi-Branch!

Moreover, it’s finally possible to forward calls to different experts strewn all over Italy with a simple click.

But this is not the only “surprise”.

During the selection of Voxloud’s best plan for business needs, the possibility to activate a flat subscription immediately catches the eye. This subscription includes also unlimited calls to mobile numbers.

The main problem has been finally solved.

Only the activation of the Flat plan has allowed the company to cut the bill by 50% compared to the previous Phone Operator, permitting to invest the money saved in marketing order to grow more.

Finally, the two branches can freely communicate as they were in the exact same building. Telephony process is much simpler with unique number and contract.

Control cost has been finally reached.

One phone bill, one subscription for both branches and for over 30 affiliate professionals who work making phone consultations on national territory.

Lastly, even the telephone system’s scalability has been reached.

The opening of other branches or the addition of new collaborators won’t be a problem anymore.

With Voxloud

  • Fare Impresa 24 has cut its phone costs by 50% activating a flat subscription with all calls included and being able to finally control the costs.
  • The company has connected the telephone network of two physical branches away 1000 km from each other, as if they were a single unit.
  • It has been made possible to transfer calls to different experts all over Italy with a simple click, allowing them to receive calls and make consultations.
  • With Voxloud’s App available for Smartphones, now the Fare Impresa 24’s experts work wherever they are, very often from an armchair in the rest room.
«We’ve left the previous Voip Phone Operator for a matter of cost control, with Voxloud now we save by 50% than before and we finally know what we’re paying, supervising everything.
Moreover, compared to Voxloud, the previous Phone Operator wasn’t so efficient in terms of audio quality. I’m aware the problem could depend from other causes but our enterprise relies so much on the telephone, so it’s essential for us that it works perfectly. »
— Roberto Scruto, Fare Impresa 24 CEO

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