How Elite Immobiliare combined Voxloud VoiceMail service with direct response marketing techniques, increasing the speed by +40% and not losing any potential customer anymore, despite the huge amount of incoming calls

Elite Immobiliare puts customers’ interests above its own, providing a precise real estate mediation service for a transparent, safe and honest buy and selling or lease. The great aptitude to use direct marketing techniques obliges the company to search for a phone solution making it scale the real estate business, accelerating as much as possible the process of acquiring customers.


Monthly increase of potential interested customers


Phone Lines


No potential customer lost anymore

Towards Voxloud

Pioneers of Adwords, from 2004 the company has started experiencing lead generation campaigns on Google with success.
By the early 2000s, internet is not available by everyone and its average user is a wealthy person, totally in target with the ads that Elite Immobiliare proposes.
But, with the passing of time, internet spreads more and more and, of necessity, the initial target reached so easily, now it’s even more difficult to get to.
For this reason, the company puts into play different strategies and tools, and the employment of a traditional Phone System is among them.
The company makes a set-up of the Phone System very intelligently.
9 phone lines with 9 different numbers are organized. Each line is associated to a different Ad campaign or to a different selling channel, such as and, or simply the company uses the classic for sale billboard on the street.
In this way a traceability of the potential customer is guaranteed. Indeed, according to the number called, Elite Immobiliare knows which Ad works better or which channel works better.
It all seems perfect but it’s exactly in this moment that the first problems appear, the Phone System the company has payed lots of money doesn’t adapt the marketing strategies.
For example, in Milan finding a house to buy is really difficult and, for this reason, micro-Ad campaigns are made. They generally last 2 hours and they advertise real estates at a consistent and fair price.
During those 2 endless hours the average number of incoming calls for each Ad is 70 calls.
Managing correctly this huge amount of calls using a traditional Phone System is impossible, potential customers finding the line busy are almost certainly lost, because they won’t call back again.
Many times also happened that the company called back a potential customer who slipped away. But in 2-3 days he had already found home with the support of a competitor. In this way, the company lost revenues.
On the traditional Phone System, changing a simple setting is terribly complicated, every time you must write a sequence of numbers and symbols.
Often, until you succeed in doing something correctly, even half a day passes.
The desire not to waste time setting a voicemail, trying not to lose a call anymore and making a potential customer to leave a message, forces Elite Immobiliare to rely on a technician.
But the technician has a cost, a high cost. Each intervention costs <strong> no less than 150€ per hour.
The limit of tolerance is overcome soon after.
During the transition from Tim to Fastweb a 2-days telephone isolation occurs.
That’s right when the company has bought an entire page on the Corriere della sera. A situation like this no longer had to happen.

Elite immobiliare srl mette gli interessi del cliente al di sopra dei propri fornendo un preciso servizio di mediazione immobiliare per una compravendita o locazione trasparente, sicura e onesta.

It was born in 2004 with a different approach, oriented at customer’s cure. No offices on street, always inner since real estate businesses has to be interpreted as something reserved.

Before Voxloud

  • Traditional Phone System that doesn’t adapt business marketing strategies.
  • Impossibility to call back all potential customers who find the line busy.
  • Inevitable loss of some potential customers in favour of the competitor.
  • Obligation to turn to a technical intervention even for ordinary modifications.

The transition to Voxloud

Marco Cassinelli, CEO of Elite Immobiliare, gets in touch with Voxloud during a training event in Ljubljana.
As a matter of fact, Voxloud was partner of that event.
Considering his current issues, Marco decides to mmediately try Voxloud, so much so that he tries to get in contact with the staff even before the beginning of the event.
He knew he needed a flexible and simple service from the point of view of programming, with also the possibility of answering from wherever.
Obviously, trying to integrate the service at best with business Marketing campaigns, always very performing.
During the event, Marco immediately decides to try the service and activate the free trail.
The astonishment comes a few days later, when Marco comes back to his office and launches a two-hour micro-marketing-campaign.
Thanks to the Voicemail service, now not even a call is lost and so neither potential customers, the lead generation can be finally actualized perfectly
But it isn’t over.
Potential customers who find the line busy are directed to the voicemail and they can leave a message, which is immediately forwarded to Marco and staff’s mail boxes both in plain text and mp3 format.
The time wasted to listen many messages again is now an old memory.
Thanks to Voxloud’s App for Smartphones, Elite Immobiliare has totally removed any type of landline, working always and only in mobility.

With Voxloud

  • Elite Immobiliare has accelerated by +40% its customer acquisition process.
  • Thanks to Voxloud Voicemail feature, it’s finally possible retrieve even those customers that didn’t get a response during marketing campaigns.
  • Elite Immobiliare has removed any kind of landline and now works in total mobility regardless of where its employers are.
«Voxloud has been so easy to understand, we have been able to integrate it from day zero in our agency.
Previously we lost so much time, passing 1 or 2 hours listen all the messages many times, trying to interpret words, telephone numbers and whatnot.
Now with the Voicemail feature the process lasts only 30 seconds, we read all in writing, having a speed in dealing with messages by +40% than before.
Our Lead generation is finally optimized.»
— Marco Cassanelli, Elite Immobiliare CEO

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