How the Cloud Management Smarty accelerated by +40% the processing of support tickets giving the customers the impression of professionalism to the levels of a big company

Smarty is the management for online sellers, integrating perfectly with the most important and known sales platforms like Amazon, eBay, ePrice, Spartoo and all the E-commerce, tracing every information. The great business growth makes its CEO to enlarge the staff reserved to customers’ support. It was in that moment that the research of a service permitting to process support requests more quickly without providing mobile number (low quality index) begins.


Speed’s increase in processing support tickets


New unique landline number for all technical assistance requests


Employer working in Smart Working for technical support% last year by communicating with customers

Towards Voxloud

The path bringing Smarty to Voxloud begins when its founder Tommaso de Luca, after a huge customers’ growth, has a problem: the way in providing technical assistance.

As a matter of fact, until that moment, he has always worked alone, covering as much roles as possible.

But the product works, customers arrive and so the technical assistance calls.

Quickly, Smarty goes full speed and Tommaso is happy to start the research of someone dealing with the Customer Care department.

The research of the new Customer Care’s employer soon bears fruit.
Tommaso finds the right person to hold the office, everything seems perfect.

But this person this good is a long way from Smarty’s offices, so he has to work remotely in Smart Working.

The collaboration starts with success, but soon a new problem arises.

The reference telephone number always provided to customers by Smarty is a mobile number to which often some annoying calls arrive during the weekend or at undue hours.

Even at night, at 10 PM, while Tommaso is recharging his batteries at home with his family, it often happens that he receives a call from a customer in trouble.

Therefore, now is more a one-man company and receiving calls on mobile phone, besides being a low professionalism index, is also something that should not happen.

It’s time for Smarty to make an improvement in quality, educating in some sense the customers to respect the company which is becoming one of the category reference in the national scene.

This is the “flash” that has brought Smarty to Voxloud, definitively.

Smarty is the management for online sellers, integrating perfectly with the most important and known sales platforms like Amazon, eBay, ePrice, Spartoo and all the E-commerce, tracing every information.

It has been created by Tommaso De Luca in 2012 when, during a collaboration with an E-Commerce enterprise as product developer, he realized that a complete management curating every single aspect of this category didn’t exist.

Therefore, he joined a management for bookshops that he created two years before with the E-Commerce world, expanding and curating every logistic, bureaucratic and statistic aspect, implementing integrations with the most famous and important online sales platforms and E-Commerce.

The result was the birth of Smarty, a software that combines more products in one with a unique solution.

Before Voxloud

  • No landline number provided to customers.
  • Impossibility to process support tickets with good speed because of calls on mobile phone.
  • Impossibility to work in Smart Working.

The transition to Voxloud

Luckily, Tommaso has a friend who’s entrepreneur as him,

This friend uses Voxloud for this company with success and when he knows Smarty’s situation, gone to full speed regarding the ability to support customers, he suggests Tommaso to try Voxloud. He won’t regret it.

A few hours later this conversation, Smarty immediately starts its trail period.

After the first and very quick set up, the results don’t take so long to arrive and they’re amazing.

The speed of processing support tickets is considerably higher, +40% more.

Thanks to Voxloud, Smarty is now able to “educate” its customers, allowing the receiving of assistance calls only during working hours, setting up the opening and closing hours on the control panel.

Therefore, essential rules permitting the company to grow have been established.

It wasn’t possible to think as a freelancer who answers to his customers even on Saturday and Sunday.

This has allowed the company to show itself as more professional, directing call flow correctly to the technical assistance or to the administration, definitively avoiding calls at 8 PM or during the weekend.

With Voxloud, Smarty is able to share professionallywith the employer working remotely the delicate area of technical assistance.

And not being in the same place thanks to Voxloud’s ability to be Multi-Branch.

With Voxloud

  • Smarty has accelerated the processing of technical support requests by +40%.
  • It has increased the professionalism felt by its customers, not giving them a mobile number but a landline one.
  • Now it's possible to forward calls to the Customer Care Operator who's working in Smart Working.
  • Smarty has “educated” its customers permitting the receiving of assistance calls only during working hours.
«With Voxloud, the customer who calls doesn’t believe we’re only 2 people.
I believe that your strength is the ease of use during the startup phase. Voxloud allows you to use it instantly, it’s intuitive and, like I said, you can really use it immediately.
Personally, once I found a solution like this, easy and operational, I didn’t have any reason to search for another competitor.»
— Tommaso de Luca, Smarty CEO

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