How OFFLunch start-up put in communication its employers working in Smart Working using Voxloud

OFFLunch is the first food delivery service specifically designed for the lunch break in the office, in order to have daily a healthy, balanced and cheap menu, also with on time and free shipping. Its founder, Maurizio Pompili, having had unpleasant phone experiences in the previous companies where he worked, he decides to use Voxloud shortly after the OFFLunch foundation, allowing his employers to work in Smart Working.


Minutes to create OFFLunch own IVR


OFFLunch’s employers use Voxloud to make and receive calls


No more calls lost

Towards Voxloud

The path bringing OFFLunch to Voxloud is quite brief, since its founder Maurizio Pompili choses to pass to Voxloud shortly after the enterprise’s foundation.

OFFLunch was born from an idea of Moovenda, leader in food delivery.

Consequently, OFFLunch’s employers initially use structures provided by Moovenda, travelling constantly among several offices.

With the previous society, Maurizio relied on a traditional phone company, remaining always disappointed.

Every time he needed to activate or deactivate a subscription changing the Phone Operator, there were always 20 days of shade, during which it was impossible to work using the phone.

The only thing to do was hoping not to lose customers and waiting for the Operator to complete the portability as soon as possible.

Moreover, the reason OFFLunch doesn’t tend to a traditional Operator is a particular experience Maurizio had in the previous company with a Vodafone Phone System.

The Phone System was so complicated to set up that nobody created a personalized IVR and this situation shouldn’t happen to OFFLunch for any reason

In the meantime, the transfers among different Moovenda’s offices continue. One day OFFLunch employers are in Milan, another day in Rome, another day in Sardinia.

So OFFLunch is constantly moving and cannot install neither a physical Phone System nor opting for a traditional phone line.

OFFLunch was born from an idea of Moovenda, the biggest Italian food delivery organization. OFFLunch’s goal is to deliver as more dishes as possible in a single delivery.

OFFLunch’s story starts from Rome and continues to Milan, focusing on bigger offices with more employers.

Before Voxloud

  • No landline number provided to customers.
  • Impossibility to process support tickets with good speed because of calls on mobile phone.
  • Impossibility to work in Smart Working.

The transition to Voxloud

Luckily Maurizio, coming from the Startup world, follows with interest Voxloud’s acquisition from the multinational corporation Wildix.

This event encourages him to try Voxloud to see if it can solve OFFLunch’s phone problems.

Soon after, he gets in contact with Voxloud and, after a quick conversation with one of Voxloud’s expert, he immediately starts his trail period.

To Maurizio, the astonishment is instant from the start.

If with the previous company, he wasn’t able to create a personalized IVR, with Voxloud he created it in just 10 minutes.

Moreover, with Voxloud, OFFLunch’s employers have their own inner landline number, giving to the calling customers the impression to have their own personal office.

After a very few days from the trail period, OffLunch decides immediately to activate a Voxloud subscription.

Modifying the Phone System’s rules on the control panel, the company is finally able to manage also vacations, simply transferring the call to the working Operator in that moment.

Thanks to Voxloud’s ability to be Multi-Branch, today OFFLunch’s employers work wherever they want, both in office and remotely.

With Voxloud

  • With Voxloud, OFFLunch is able to connect employers from Rome and Milan as if they were in the same office.
  • Even if the employers move constantly from an office to another, they haven’t landline problems anymore. Now the number is unique for the entire nation.
  • Thanks to Voxloud, now OFFLunch can give the impression that every user to whom an inner number has been assigned has his own office.
«Moving constantly from a Moovenda’s office to another, we wanted to use Voxloud in order not to activate/deactivate and transfer the line every time, otherwise you have always that 20-days gap when transferring the landline.
Voxloud allows us also to manage vacations correctly. For example, when a colleague has gone on vacation, we told nothing to anyone.
We have just modified the Phone System’s rules, addressing the call to the employer working in that moment.»
— Maurizio Pompili, OFFLunch CEO & Founder

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